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I am a review fanatic. I love makeup, dramas, and food. I always read reviews before I buy anything therefore, I started this blog to give you guys my honest opinion of makeup, beauty products and restaurants that I come across.

Vanilladreamcream is my very first blog. I wrote about everything that I was interested in and gave my true thoughts on my reviews. I soon started realizing that there were a lot more views on my asian drama reviews than my beauty product reviews so I started dramadreamland to focus entirely on reviewing asian dramas. Then I experimented with dramadreamland tumblr to quickly share my current feelings of a drama that I am in the midst of watching and to find out what other popular dramas that drama addicts around the world are obsessed with.

Currently dramadreamland tumblr is my most popular blog with the most followers and you will find lots of trending drama gifs on this blog. If you are an asian drama fan, I think you will fall in love with this blog. It's an aesthetically pleasing collection of popular scenes, gifs, moments, quotes, trailers, news and photoshoots focusing on kdrama, cdrama, twdrama, and jdrama.

Follow me on dramadreamland if you only care about drama reviews and want to find new dramas to watch. I have to say my dramadreamland tumblr account does load a bit slow due to the heavy gif and high quality images on there so if you only want to read reviews on dramas go to my dramadreamland website.

vanilladreamcream- my original blog contains skincare, beauty product reviews, hauls, nail polish ideas, discounted beauty and fashion finds. I feel like this blog deserves more love so please follow me if you can.

If you want to see the bits and pieces of my daily life, follow me on instagram @vanilladreamcream.

My food blog and restuarant review is on chanchanfoodies.

Follow me on pinterest for boards that inspire me

Thanks for reading and please follow my blogs :)

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