Thursday, September 12, 2013

EOS lip balm review

Hello Everybody!! I've been wanting to post forever but never have the time.
EOS lip balm limited edition set  with fresh watermelon, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry and summer fruit

I've recently picked up an EOS "Evolution of Smooth" lipbalm set. Upon seeing that it was on sale, I could not let go of it eventhough I already have a collection of EOS lipbalm at home.

This is the limited edition fresh watermelon, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry and summer fruit lip balm set. I believe I bought it back in August when we went to pick up dorm stuff for my sister. It's on sale for $10.99 at target for a set of 4 lipbalms which makes it about $2.74 for one. This is a dealbreaker cause it usually retails for about $3 and up for one.

When you twist it open, it reveals lip balm in the shape of a dome. Overtime, the "dome" will flatten out and when you get to the end, you're probably gonna need to apply with fingers. When you twist the cover back on, you can feel it click shut which prevents it from opening up in your purse.

There is no difference in all the different flavors. The only difference is the scents. All four flavors applies colorless and provides a lightweight moisture that last about 2-3 hour, which isn't very long. You are going to need to frequently reapply throughout the day.

In this set I like fresh watermelon the most while my sister likes summer fruit the most. The pomegranate raspberry has a plasticy smell to it and I wouldn't recommend buying that flavor if you're purchasing them separately.

I would rate the moisture a 5 on a scale of 10 so it is moisturizing but also lightweight. It's good enough for me in the winter but if you have really bad chapped lips and need something very moisturizing, this wouldn't be the one.
a collection of EOS lip balm
from left to right: strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, fresh watermelon, strawberry sorbet, passion fruit, honey suckle, and lemon drop

I believe I have all the flavors except for the orange medicated one. Out of all of them I like the yellow one called lemon drop the most. Compared to all the other flavors this one has a different texture and is the only one that contains SPF of 15. When I first asked my mother to try it, my dad commented that it must smell like plastic. Instead the scent reminds me of those lemon creme sandwich crackers which I like. Because the lemon drop contains spf, the texture is less smooth compared to the other flavors and is more emollient and thicker. I think it's more moisturizing than the other flavors on a scale of 6 out 10 for moisture. That texture is unlike other lipbalms that I've tried. The best way to describe it is for all the other flavors, the feeling is like I am spreading a waxy substance over my lips. With the lemon drop I get the feeling that I am spreading particles over my lips, like a sugar scrub. Don't get me wrong, it is not gritty at all; you don't feel physical particles. It's still very smooth but for me the feeling is like I am spreading emollient particles over my lips.

Also because of the round shape, you don't need to apply separatly to top and bottom lip. If you have your lips closed, you can apply the lip balm to both lips at the same time.

The downside to EOS lip balm is that it takes up space. It's like you are bring a small egg around. You can't just stick it in your back pocket like a chapstick can. Just a fair warning, if you throw it inside your purse, the outside of it will get worn out and dirty looking. I keep mine in a makeup bag so scratches and marks doesn't get on it.

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