Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maybelline Color Whisper Color Sensational Lipstick Review

I'm back with a review on Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Cherry on Top

maybelline color whisper color sensational lipstick review

What Maybelline claims:

Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel.
No heavy waxes or oils. 
Get truly translucent gel color.
Sexy, soft, see through color. No heavy waxes or oils. Just a kiss 
of shine.

Maybelline Color Whisper is packaged in a rectangular translucent plastic tube with a metal-looking base. It doesn't have that hefty feel you get with revlon lip butters.The top comes off easily however it won't fall off while in your bag.maybelline color whisper lipstick review in cherry on top
Out of all the color, I chose cherry on top because I tend to look better in rosy, pink red color. Cherry on Top is a bright pink red color.  With one swipe it goes on to a medium color with a bit of shine. It's not sheer at all however it isn't opaque either. It can be builded up to a strong bold color but without any heavyness. You really get a good color payoff yet the color is translucent like a lipstain. It's so lightweight that it feels like my lip balm has worn out. It has the pigment of a stain but without all the dryness. The only downside to this lip product is that it's not moisturizing. It's not as drying as a lipstain but it also doesn't provide the moisture that I need for my lips. If you like lip colors with lots of moisture I would say either layer a lipbalm underneath or skip thia all together.

maybelline color whisper swatch in cherry on top

The product itself is harder than Revlon's lip butter yet it still allows for the product to go on smoothly. It's winter right now so much lip incredibly chapped. Even after moisturizing my lips, there is still a tiny bit of clumping. However I think this is just my lips being incredibly chapped.

It will rub off and transfer onto the sides of cups so if you need something that is waterproof or kissproof this is not the one. After the product has been on your lips for more than 5 minutes, even after rubbing it off, there is still a stain left on your lips. The shines wears off in 2-3 hours but the stain still lasts for 5-6 hours.

Pros: good color payoff that can be builded
Longlasting (5-6 hours)

Cons: not moisturizing enough

On a scale of 5, I would say it deserves a 3. Although I love the color and it's lasting ability, I don't like my lips feeling dry all the time.

Do you like lightweight lip colors to the point that it provides no moisture?

P.S. thought it was really cool that light actually reflects off the words on the plastic cover forming words on the table.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Revive Beauty Konjac Sponge in Bamboo Charcoal Review

Revive beauty bamboo charcoal konjac sponge

Revive Beauty's Konjac Sponge was the second konjac sponge I tried after using the ecotools one that I reviewed here.

My ecotools sponge already broke apart so I needed a new sponge to give my face some nice exfoliation. I found Revive Beauty's konjac sponge at my local Marshalls. It was only $4.99 so I picked it up. They have two version of the konjac sponge- the bamboo charcoal one and the plain white one.

Revive Beauty is a brand that does lots of imitation of popular items for cheap. I have only seen that brand sold in marshalls/tjmaxx. I have bought a makeup blending sponge from them and since I haven't tried the actual beauty blender I couldn't compare the difference.

directions on the back of box
This sponge is round and has a string so you can hang it up. One side is oval while the other side is flat. The flat side is the side that is used to scrub the face with. Like Ecotools it comes in a box and is wrapped in plastic. For a size comparison, you can see its about 3 inches in diameter.

revive beauty konjac spongerevive beauty konjac cleansing sponge

I don't know if it was my bias for the brand or something but I hated this sponge. It was way to abrasive. The Ecotools one was plushy yet still provided for the proper amount of exfoliation. Revive Beauty one just felt like I was scrubbing my face. Even after soaking it in warm water for 2-3 minutes it was still abrasive. For those you want a stronger exfoliation I think you might like this one but it was not for me. I think I should have tried out the other pure white version since the bamboo one was too abrasive. However when I was using the MY konjac sponge brand, I found that the flat side was more abrasive and when you flip it to the other side, it was much more gentler almost to the point of no exfoliation. However the flat side is the side that is used against the face. The only plus side to this sponge compared to ecotool is its string so you can hang it dry and not keep on surface to breed bacteria.

I wasn't able to test how long it last because it accidentally fell into my trash and since I hated it so much, I was glad to be getting rid of it.

Bottom line:
I hated this sponge and would say not to buy it unless you wanted a more exfoliating type of sponge. The Ecotools one is only $1-2 more expensive and would definitely recommend that one instead.

This is my master list of all the konjac sponge I have review: Konjac Sponge Collection Review
What brand of konjac sponge have you tried and liked?

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Best Lips Top Coat Blind Test from Get It Beauty

Best Five Lips Top Coat Chosen by Blind Testing on Get It Beauty 2014

Get It Beauty Best Lips Top Coat

The average person from New York retouches there lips 20 times a day. A Lip Top coat would allow for a longer lasting lip.

best lip top coat is anna siu lip color top coat

1. Anna Sui Lip Color Top Coat - $20 for 8ml

  • contains powder to minimize oil so there's less smudging
  • had the highest votes from both professional, Better Girls, and Online Voters

2. Holika Holika Beauty Top Coat-$8 for 5.3g

3. Clio Virgin Kiss Lip- $9 for 4g
its not stick

4.Etude House Color Lips-fit #WH901-$7 for10g
has silicon to to keep lipz moisturized. Is good for flakey lips. But Yoo In Na claimed it smudged her lips more than the #5

5. Dessange Paris Long Wearing Lip Gloss and Top Coat Duo Lip Gloss Stick-$20 for 3.5 g
gives long lasting moisturization

 guest Kim Ji Min was also back as guest host with special appearance of Jung Sam Mul makeup artist who has worked with kim tae hee, boa, lee hyori, kim yuna, tang wei

How to apply makeup naturally like a professional

Tip 1: you have to maintain a good skin: shouldn't being using the same products for all seasons.

 Using a finisher which acts like a primer to keep your skin hydrated and while also giving you a glow.

Tips 2 Adding dimension to your face to bring out natural features to your face using the thin and thick method.

You shouldn't apply a same layer of makeup all over your face because there are thick in thin skin.
Feel your vzone, areas jutting out are vzone- that is where the thick skin is and your need to apply a thicker layer of makeup. Your star zone, around nose, under the eyes, and above the lips are where thinner skin is located.

She uses a cushion type of foundation compact (aka bb cushion) and starts patting from the top of the V line down to the chin and then up the cheek area so that there is more makeup on the outer edges of your face. After blending out, use whats left on the cushion to pat the rest on your forehead and the thinner areas

 Tip 3: bring out freshness using warm and cool method.

 Around the eyes where its bluish with dark circles  and the upper lips are where there's fine hair is the cool zone. The cool zone is where it makes you look tired. She suggests to put a highlighter on those areas starting from under the eyes blending down to laugh lines where you smile around the mouth.
How to put on blush- sweep color onto a brush  and tap the color in the circular motion around your apples of cheeks.

Tip 4: Show and Hide method.

 When you draw your eyeliner,  don't draw it with the same thickness. It should be thin right above the pupil of the eyes and should be thicker near the outer corners of the eyes. Start at the outer of the eyes with thick lines then make it thin in the middle and then thick again near the inner tear ducts.
For eyeshadow use a base color and a darker color. Take the dark color starting from the outer edge and work the way into the tear duct so that the outer edge is darker. Pat the lighter color on the center of the lids so that there is less color on the edge and more color in the middle. When applying mascara do the left and right motion then up and down motion.

For the lips she uses a cubed shaped lipstick to shaped the v area so that it emphasizes the lines well. However i felt that the model already had nicely shaped cupids bow on her lips so her lips were nicely defined. But my lips aren't shaped like that, I don't know if I would be able to make such nicely defines lips with just that lips stick. The brand she is using is VDL expert color lip cube. The lipstick looks really neat. I have been eyeing that lipstick ever since reading it from some korean beauty blog.

sidenote: all three host are wearing incredibly cute dresses today. I especially like Jaekyung's white cutout dress.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

OPI's Liquid Sand in Magazine Cover Mouse Review

OPI magazine cover mouse nail lacquer is a deep glittery red nail polish

I'm back with a review of OPI's Liquid Sand in Magazine Cover Mouse

I recently picked up OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse nail lacquer that is part of their liquid sand line. When their liquid sand line was first released I really wanted to get a bottle. However the colors were all too bold for me and my job setting wouldn't have allowed me to wear it. I'm the type that wears a light pink shade all the time but their only pink color, pussy galore, looked to blue based for me so I never picked it up.

Then I came upon some colors at my local marshall's. I forget the price that I bought it for but it was a dollar or two cheaper than the $9.50 that is sold at ULTA. I still felt that the red was too bold for me but I couldn't resist to try out the liquid sand line. At the time that I was buying it, I already had in mind to do a red and gold nail look which would be perfect for the holidays.

So I decided to do my nails for thanksgiving. Apparently my mom ended up hosting this year's Thanksgiving gathering so I decided to do my nails to look put together.

Magazine Cover Mouse is a deep red color with gold micro glitters. In the picture above, the color is brighter and more washed out than the actual shade and the actual shade is actually closer to the picture below. Magazine Cover Mouse was part of the five colors from the Couture de Minnie Collection that OPI released back in 2013. When first I saw this shade, it reminded me of Dorothy's red glitter shoes that I loved wearing when I was young.

opi nail lacquer in magazine cover mouse review

For those who don't know about the liquid sand line, all the colors dries to a matte finish with a nice gritty texture like you dusted your nails with glitter or sand. It is meant to be worn as is with the matte finish but for those like me who likes their nails to be glossy you need to apply at least 3 layers of top coat to get it to be glossy. For some reason, when you apply one or two layer of top coat, it just doesn't come out shiny.

With just one coat, it was already opaque enough but another layer gave it a deeper and more sparkly appearance. With just one coat, the layer still felt smooth but when you add on a second coat, it becomes the gritty sandlike texture but it's not abrasive or anything like sandpaper. It just gives it a little bit of texture. After adding 3 layers of top coat, it becomes holographic to me. It's unlike any glittery nail polish that I've tried before. You really need to try the color yourself. The picture does not do it justice. When I put this on the first time, I was so amazed by the color, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

With two layers of Magazine Cover Mouse and three layers of top coat, the color lasted me for 5 days with minimal wear away on the tips. It definitely last longer than the standard nail polish and longer than OPI's original lacquer line with starts wearing away by the third or fourth day. I was still able to wear the nails for a week and half until my nails started to grow out and starting to chip.

The liquid sand line is a definite winner for me and I will definitely try out a new color. I definitely recommend purchasing a color from the liquid sand line. If the company is reading this please release a pinky peachy shade. I'm dying for that color.

As for removing the color, I just used a normal actone nail polish remover and it removed fine. It's a bit easier to remove compared to glitter nails polish.

After OPI started this sand texture nail polish trend, other nail brand also released their own lines: zoya with their own pixidust line, china glaze with texture line, sally hansen with sugar coat line, and nail inc, with leather effect line. I am especially interested in Zoya's Ginni from the pixidust line which is a sheer pinky glittery shade.

Red and Gold Nail Art tutorial

For my nail design on my fourth nail, I applied two layers of Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in Infinity Band then dotted on OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse in a cross like pattern and then finished off with a layer of top coat from Seche Vite. I was actually surprised at the opacity, goldeny, and metallic finish that Infinity Band gave off because I've tried a light glittery color in the past from the diamond strength line that was too sheer and glittery.

opi magazine cover mouse and sallyhansen infinity band
left to right: OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse, SallyHansen Infinity Band

I purchased OPI's magazine cover mouse lacquer with my own money and the company did not pay me to write this review. All opinions are my own.

What's your favorite color from the Liquid Sand line? Have you tried out a texture nail polish from a different brand?

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Get It Beauty Episode 6 Tips

This episode of Get It Beauty focused on sun protection and reminded people the following:

-need to apply nickel to quarter size amount of sunscreen to your face

-4 spots where sunscreen wears off easily
nose, cheek, forehead and hairline

-don't forget to apply sunscreen to you back of neck

-our temperature on our face is about 5-6 degrees celsius lower than body temperature which is about 31 degrees celsius or 87.8 degrees fahrenheit
-higher temperature will lead to redness and dryness and can destroy collagen causing wrinkles to form. It's important to maintain skin temperature in the summer to prevent premature aging.

How To Apply An Adequate Amount Of Sunscreen Without Makeup Looking Pastey

The makeup artist recommended to use a brush to apply the sunscreen because the brush doesn't have heat which makes it more easier to apply a thicker layer over the skin. You can use your fingers to blend out any areas that is too thick after.

He then spread makeup onto the skin with a spatula and then sponged it in. His reasoning for using a spatula as opposed to a brush is that makeup applied thinly with a brush doesn't last long. There are two sides to a sponge. -use the uncoated side to keep makeup adhered onto the skin better then use the coated side to give the skin a nice finish. This is the first time that I have seen makeup spread on the skin with a spatula. I don't think its necessary and is best left to the professional but if you guys have a the chance to try it out, let me know how it worked for you

To prevent eyeliner from smudging

For those with extremely smudgable eyeliner, you can dip an eyeliner in transparent mascara and apply a layer above the eyeliner-acting like a waterproof seal.

Make your own bold and colorful lashes

colored fake lashes

What I loved most about his tips were the colored fake lashes. He made the colored fake lashes himself by using a toothpick to apply nail polish on top of normal fake lashes. He said to apply a little bit at a time to prevent clumps. Let dry and apply more nail polish until opacity of color is reached.

pink colored fake lashes on top orange colored lashes on bottom

Colored lashes looked extremely nice on the model. I'll probably try this out when I am feeling bold

In episode 6 there were no blind beauty test so don't waste your time watching only to find out that section was missing.

Do you think you would try out any of these tips?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Target Beauty Box Fall 2014 Edition Review

I just received my first Target beauty box in the mail today and couldn't wait to share it.

Target Beauty Box review

This season's Target Beauty Box contains 5 items. Two of the items are full size. The beauty box is valued to be $28 and cost $7 +tax (Target waived the shipping). I figured that the lipgloss itself cost $9.99 so it was a worth the purchase plus I get to try out other items too.
I like Target's beauty box because unlike other subscription boxes, you know exactly what you are getting and if you don't like this season's box there is no commitment. The major reason why I purchased this box is because of the Laneige BB cream. 

it comes housed in a description card with 3 shades to choose from
"Laneige BB Cushion Sample (Target Exclusive): Pat and press your way to perfect skin with revolutionary 5-in-1 cushion technology that brightens, protects, cools, covers and prevents shine."
I am in need of a new bb cream since I used up the Skin79 Gold Label. I believe this was the brand that started the bb cushion craze and wanted to try it out for a long time but after going to a couple different Targets and they didn't have testers for the BB cream I felt that this was my opportunity to try it out.  It's supposed to hydrate, prevent shine, brighten skin. I'm eager to try this out and will write a review once I do.

loreal elnett hairspray sample

"Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray (2.2 oz): A favorite of runway stylists, this massive-hold spray adds brilliant shine and brushes out in a flash, leaving hair with a clean, satin finish."

 The other item that I had always wanted to try out was the Elnett hairspray. It has received lots of rave and has been featured on many magazines. I don't usually like to use styling products on my hair due to its stickiness. This one promises to hold shape without being crunchy and can be brushed out.

fekkai dry shampoo sample
"Fekkai Professional Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo (1.7 oz): Revive your blowout instantly with an airy mist that absorbs dirt and oil leaving hair clean, fresh and lively."
 I don't care for this dry shampoo since the PSSSSST dry shampoo that I've been using had always worked out for me. This was an extra for me to try a high end version.

L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipstick in blushing harmony

"L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipstick (.18 fl oz): Knockout hues meet conditioning care in a gorgeous formula infused with precious micro-oils that intensify color, smooth lips and add shine." 
I was nervous about the color that I would get for this lipstick since they didn't state what color you would be getting. This is a full size product. It called a lipstick but is actually a lipgloss. The color I got was blushing harmony and applies sheer to medium. It looks like a berry color in the tube but on my its more of a nude pinkish-brownish shade. On my mother it was a dark nude brownish color. If I had to choose a color I would've chosen a brighter reddish or pinkish color but this color is okay. At the very least it wasn't a vampy color. The color vary by box so I am wondering what other people got.

NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk lair

"NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (.18 oz): Glide-on glam. A velvety blend of mineral oil and powder, this creamy pencil does double beauty duty as a radiant eyeshadow.
L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipstick (.18 fl oz): Knockout hues meet conditioning care in a gorgeous formula infused with precious micro-oils that intensify color, smooth lips and add shine."
This was also an extra for me and is also a full sized product. Netizens have said this was good for highlighting the inner eye duct. I like using a shimmery reflective powder for that purpose but since powder and brushes are more messy I could give this a try. When testing it on my hand, I find that it's super creamy- perfect for using as base for eyeshadow but I don't think the staying power would be too strong since it so creamy and blendable. 

The products arrived in this nicely packaged box and those samples inside were wrapped in red tissue paper that resembles those at sephora. It's a nice sturdy box that I will use to keep my other cosmetics.

Also included in the box was a description card with $3 of $15 of beauty products at target and a 20% of discount code to the Dermstore.com

This fall 2014 beauty box is still available at Target.com for $7 with free shipping and I think it's a total steal if you are interested in trying out those products.

If you already tried out those products let me know how you like it.

Thanks for reading,