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Werewolf Boy Movie Review

Werewolf Boy Movie Review

It's a romantic/fantasy movie about a lonely girl Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) who moves into the countryside to treat her breathing problems. She comes across a half-human half-werewolf boy Cheol-soo (Song Joong Ki) and at first was repulsive of him but after taking care and learning to live with him, she ends up falling in love with him.

I need to warn you this is a lengthy pic heavy post. So If you don't want to read on, my final word is that this is a spectacular must watch romance, tear jerking movie.

found it at this site http://dede2pm.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-werewolf-boy-k-movie.html

now onto my recap
The movie starts in present time, a grandmother goes to visit her granddaughter in korea and sell her house. Upon seeing the house, the granddaughter says that it looks like a monster will pop out of the house. Grandmother agrees saying that's how it looked like back when she was young and we are taken back 47 years ago.

A man is tending to wolves but while unlocking the door he suffers a heart attack and dies.
A new family moves in to focus on treating the eldest daughter's breathing problem.
At night she hears something moving outside, so she goes out and check but ends up being tackled by a creature. In the morning while hanging up laundry, she and her mother sees a creature and it turns out to be a human, dirty and stinky. He looks to be hungry so they feed him potato and called the police.

 The police told the mother they couldn't do anything and that they would need to contact orphanage. They believed he was one of those children left behind during the war. At the orphanage, they needed many document and brushed the mother away telling her to wait for their call.

song joong ki as werewolf boy

 Meanwhile the mother cleans him up and names him Cheol-soo.

Although he looks tidy, once he sees food, he rapidly grabs food and stuffs them into his mouth, leaving a mess all over the table. Seeing this, Soon Yi complains about him staying at their house and refuses to eat with him but her mother says to bear with it until the orphanage responds back.

While Soon Yi is organizing her packages, she sees a shadow hovering over her and thought Cheol-So was going to attack her but he was only helping her move the boxes.

Yoon Yeon Sook (father's business partner's son) who owns the house and has an affection for Soon Yi tries to molest her but Cheol-So protects her. Cheol-so grabs his arm, pushes him away and growls at him until he leaves the house.

Soon Yi starts to develop an affection for him and trains him to eat properly. Whenever Soon Yi says wait, he stops and waits patiently until Soon Yi's next words. Instead of writing suicidal thought in her journal, Soon Yi reads an encyclopedia of how to train a dog book every night. Soon Yi slowly teaches him how to brush teeth, fold clothes, and after following her commands he would lower his head for Soon Yi to pat him. We finally get to see our cute Soong Joon Ki's face when Soon Yi decides to cut his hair.

The first instance that we see Cheol-soo is different from humans when the family went out shopping. Construction workers accidentally drop a metal beam, and Cheol-soo shields the family, blocking the beam. Astonishingly he only had a few scratches and bruises, nothing major and  after taking him to see a oriental doctor who couldn't find anything unsual, the family just thought he was extremely strong. 

The children along with Soon Yi and Cheol-Soo plays well and get along well with each other.

  Of course Soon Yi and Cheol-soo develops affection for another and you see Cheol-soo admiring Soon Yi while she's playing the guitar.

This is the funniest part of the movie. When Soon Yi decides to dress Cheol-soo up in hanbok and draws on his face.

But then the rest of the family comes home so they hide behind the coat hangers but was soon discovered.

This is the sweetest moment. Soon Yi doesn't let Cheol-soo into her room but knowing that he sleeps directly outside her door, she pulls her bedspread closer to the door.

Nothing can ever go too smoothly. Snobby rich son Yoon Yeon Sook all drunk with his gang comes to the house in the middle of night and tries to forcefully take Soon Yi with him. In order to protect Soon Yi, Cheol Soo's innate nature takes over and transforms into a werewolf to fights off the gang.

Right when he was about to kill Yoon Yeon Sook, Soon Yi still shocked, cries out wait, which upon hearing this, Cheol Soo turns back into a human form and stops attacking.

  Yoon Yeon Sook tries to get Cheol Soo killed/ jailed but the police officers wouldn't believe him since he was the one trying to break into the house and was evidently drunk. Yoon Yeon Sook still locks Cheol-soo up in the garage since he owns the house.

This was another cute moment when he stands up inside the garage to watch Soon Yi but she tells him to sit down and you see him bobbing his head up and down.

Without other seeing, Soon Yi unlocks the door and takes him to the fields but she suddenly collapsed while running in the field. Cheol-soo carried her everywhere but there was no one to help, so he brings her inside the forest.

Upon discovering that both of them were missing Yoon Yeon Sook assert that he was a monster and was about to kill Cheol-sol. He brought professor that knew about the half human half werewolf 's existence and got the police to lock and monitor him. We find out that Cheol soo was an experiment, designed to be used to fight during the war.

 Right after her checkup, Soon Yi comes home and embraces him.

The professor didn't want to reveal that he was a monster, because he knew they would kill him if they knew he was a monster, so he hid that fact said he was normal and not dangerous. Cheol-soo sat in the room writing all day and since the police couldn't find anything abnormal about him, they decide to let him go.  Seeing that the investigation was going to end, Yoon Yeon Sook brings up that he had seen him eat Mr. Jeong's lambs before but nobody believes him. Soon Yi was unsure if Cheol-soo really killed the lambs went to ask him. Upon seeing her he stretched out his arm to pat her on the head but she moved away.

Later on at night Mr. Jeong secretly points out to Yoon Yeon Sook that if Cheol-sol had wanted to eat his lamb he would've jumped over the fence not break the fence. Also there are tire marks over the field  and the dead lamb didn't have wound but broken bones which indicates a car crashed in there. He told Yoon Yeon Sook to leave and stop accusing innocent people and to confess that Yoon Yeon Sook was the one who broke the fence or else he will reveal it. Yoon Yeon Sook then kills Mr. Jeong and plots to make it seems like Cheol-Soo killed him. He tells Cheol-soo that  Soon Yi doesn't like him. Mr. Jeong had stolen her guitar and if he could find the guitar, maybe Soon Yi would like him more. Cheol-soo ransacksthe house, breaking down doors to find the guitar, while Yoon Yeon Sook tells everybody that Cheol-Soo is attacking Mr. Jeong. The police then surrounds the house telling Cheol-soo to surrender. Cheol-soo holds up the picture of a guitar and Soon Yi understands the he is looking for guitar and tells him the guitar is not here and stop him from searching.

Yoon Yeon Sook senses that his plan was foiled and the police wasn't going to shoot Cheol-soo,  so he grabs a gun and attempt to shoot Cheol Soo. He tells Soon Yi to step aside or else he will shoot her also. When Yoon Shi didn't step aside  he punches and kicks her, seeing this Cheol-soo unable to hold his anger despite Yoon Shi telling him to wait, he transforms into a werewolf and kills Yoon Yeon Sook in front of everyone.

 With fresh blood still on his lips, Cheol Soo looks up and sees the frightened faces of the neighbors and police looking at him. Scared, he picks up Soon Yi and runs into the woods.

 Soon Yi tells Cheol-Soo she loves him no matter what he is and faints into his arms.

 Early next morning, she hears the police and neighbors looking for them. To protect Cheol-Soo she screams at him telling him to leave and that she doesn't love him and slaps his face. I bawled my eyes out during this part. This movie had me crying more than any other movie I have watched.

Cheol-soo stands there watching as Soon Yi walks away, telling him to not come any closer.
The police then questions where Cheol-Soo was but Soon Yi refuses to answer. The professor persuades the police that they should just leave this alone because it wouldn't serve anyone any good to make it into a big deal and the police agrees.

The police later tells Soon Yi that if she sees Cheol-Soo she should notify him but Soon Yi says she is leaving. Right before moving away, Soon Yi writes a letter and leaves it in the garage.

The story fast forward back to present time, the grandmother (Soon Yi) decides to take a walk into the garage. The garage, unlike before is covered with plants, but still looks habitable and I somewhat inviting.

 Inside she finds Cheol-Soo looking exactly how she left him. side note*** At first I thought she was dreaming because I thought Cheol-soo would grow old also.

He hands her the letter she left him which says "Wait for me. I'll come back for you." and gives her the guitar which was taped back together ( after being torn apart by Yoon Yeon Sook). He had been waiting for her all these years.

 Grandmother (Soon Yi) starts crying telling him she's really sorry- that she has married, worn clothes she wanted, eaten whatever she wanted. She says that she is now old and unlike before, but Cheol say no you are just the same. She tells him to not wait for her anymore. He has learned how to speak and reads her the book while she falls asleep.

Grandmother then leaves with her granddaughter the next morning, and tells the sales broker that she's not selling the house.

Cheol-Soo watches in the distance as she drives away.

  The end

I really like this movie. Marvelous movie filmed and acted well. Brings up lots of emotions. I wanted them to end up together but since Cheol-Soo doesn't grow old, one will have to die eventually so I guess the original movie has the best ending. He ends up lonely and they show him building a snowman by himself while the credits are rolling at the end. All-in-all a very good movie and I daresay: a must watch. If you like romance and tear jerking movie, this is the one for you.

Just found out there is an alternative ending. I wouldn't say it is alternative.. you see it in cheol-soo's perspective . Here's the link to alternative ending http://glue-bending.tumblr.com/post/44358318054/a-werewolf-boy-alternate-scene-no-subs-sorry

I don't really see a purpose in the alternative ending since it doesn't change the story.

thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the movie :)

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Jackal Is Coming Review

Jackal is Coming Review 

Just watched Code Name: Jackal aka Jackal is coming. Wanted to watch this so much because my favorite artists are in it - Song Ji Hyo and Jaejoong. So it's supposed to be a comedy about an inefficient killer trying to kill a top star but ends up falling in love. I love those sort of plots. Before  I dive into my thoughts, revealing spoiler, for those that want to watch the movie I watched it from this site http://24-7kpop.com/2013/01/05/code-name-jackal-fulleng/ . I am not responsible for that site but just wanted to give you guys a link to where I watched it from.

I liked the movie probably because of my bias for Ji Hyo and JaeJoong and I liked the twist in the end. If they just ended the movie without the twist, this would have been a pretty bad movie but the twist saved it. For a comedy it didn't get me to laugh out loud but it was amusing enough to let me to continue to watch. 
I really thought that Bong Min Jung (Song Ji Hyo) was just an amateur killer but when she transformed into a Jackal it made me realize that she was an actress after all. Completely not like the Ji Hyo we see on running man. She completely changed from a clumsy clueless self-proclaimed assassin to a professional assassin. Her eyes and aura completely changes and even though her outfit made her look like a wacko, she looked mysterious and chic after. 
I don't really understand the ending but would do my best to interpret it.
So basically she was Jackal, the experienced assassin, that was hired by the owner/CEO to kill his wife,Angela, because the wife was betraying him and her status in the industry was getting too powerful. She accepted another offer from Choi Hyun's exgirlfriend to kill Choi hyun (jaejoong) as a coverup for kidnapping Choi hyun and used other assassins as a coverup for killing Angela. She knew that Choi Hyun would be meeting Angela, so she pretended to be clumsy amateur killer so Choi hyun would lower his defenses. Once Angela was in the room she created conflict so she could fight with Angela and made it look like she accidentally stabbed her. Then Choi Hyun tried to get both of them out of the situation and paid her to not kill him but when they were about to leave, the imposter of Jackal came to kill Choi hyun and they ran away. Once they were out of public's sight, Min Jung then pushed Choi Hyun onto another building so he was safe and had a showdown with the imposter assassin. On the newspaper we see that it had reported that Choi hyun took down the assassin. At the end when Min Jung was planning to leave, Choi hyun called her to "work together". I think he fell in love with her and wanted to create time together and since she didn't seem to want to, he threatened to reveal she was a killer. Upon hearing that, Min Jung decided she couldn't leave Choi Hyun alive since he knew some clues and vowed to kill him.
thanks for reading
comment if you have a different feel to the story. would love to hear a different opinion :)

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Sephora Nail Bling decorated nail stickers review

Since summer is already here, wanted to do some pretty nails to wear with my summer dress.
I was browsing in sephora and of course I go directly to the sale area and found these 3d nail stickers that I've always wanted. They look awfully similar to the essie nail stickers that I've heard raves from but I haven't got a chance to try those yet. I checked up the price for these and seeing that its $3 I couldn't let go of it. They are called Sephora Nail Bling in golden bubbles.
3d nail stickers golden drops 
here's the directions in the back
As you can see they are 3D stickers. They are really pretty like golden dew drops. They are translucent so I think its best if you paint on a base color before applying these.

golden colored raised bubbles nail stickers
Sephora Nail Bling in Gold Bubbles

For $3 its a steal cause it comes with 18 stickers that comes in different sizes to fit your nail.
I've already used two that why you only see 16 stickers
I was surprised at the performance of these. Since they were on sale I was thinking they were't going to be good but boy am I wrong. They lasted for longer than a week!! I was typing, washing my hair, doing everything and it didn't fall off. It did take a while to shape the sticker to the exact size of my nail though so it not exactly a speedy nail thing.

Borghese Brilliante base and top coat
OPI heartthrob

I didn't really follow the directions listed on the label. I painted two coats of OPI's heartthrob and after it fully dried I then positioned the sticker on my nail, folded over the excess and filed in one direction until the excess sticker fell off. Because the 3D drops were impossible to file off and I had to cut off some of the dew drops. After I got my exact nail size I then lifted up the sticker, added a drop of clear nail polish  ( I used Borghese's Brilliante Base and Top Coat) at the edge of my nail then pressed the sticker tightly over it and let it dry. Finally I sealed the edges with the clear nail polish. I would say the hardest part of this nail art was filing it to the exact size of my nails. It's longlasting and removed easily with nail polish. I couldn't stop running my fingers over the drops. Felt like my nails were bedazzled. Would definitely buy these again.

these are my finished nails. I only did the fourth finger as an accent. Didn't want to do the entire nail since first it will take too long and second might look too cheesy.

thanks for reading!!
any questions please comment I'll try my best to respond.