Thursday, July 27, 2017

NYX Avant Pop! Art Throb Shadow Palette Swatches and Review

Back in 2015, I won a NYX makeup set from People magazine StyleWatch Giveaway. I'd like to take the chance to thank them again for all these NYX goodies which I posted on instagram.

When I opened up the box, all my attention went to the NYX Avant Pop eyeshadow palettes.

According to the NYX website: Avant Pop Collection allows you to express yourself with a pop of striking color. Each Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palette contains ten carefully selected shade with various finishes.

There are three eyeshadow palettes in the Avant Pop collection-Surreal My Heart, Nouveau Chic and Art Throb. Each palette contain 10 different colors with different finishes. Surreal My Heart has a mixture of neutral and bright pastel tones. Nouveau Chic has neutral shades that are more work appropriate and can be worn everyday. Out of the three Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palettes, I liked Art Throb the most and that's the one I will review for you today. The Art Throb Palette reminds me of  the bright contrasting colors from Andy Warhol's artworks. Each palette retails for $16.99 but a lot of times you can get it for buy 1 get 1 50% off during Ulta's sale.

three NYX Avant Pop Shadow Palettes
from top to bottom: NYX Avant Pop eyeshadow palette in Surreal My Heart,  Nouveau Chic, and Art Throb

The shadows are housed in a lightweight plastic case with a see-through cover so you can easily see which colors you want.

a close up look of ten eyeshadow in NYX Art Throb palette
From left to right, top to bottom: True Blue, Green with Silver Shimmer, Pale Gold, Matte Baby Pink, White with Shimmer, Carrot Orange with Gold Shimmer, Metallic Silver, Lime Green with Iridescence, Black with Shimmer, and Fuschia with Pearl.

On the back, there is the ingredient list and a tutorial for a Day and Night Look. I tried out the night look, so you could see how the colors look on my eyes, at the end of the post.

ingredients of back of palette with day and night look recommendation

While swatching, I found that some colors don't show up on my skintone. Matte Baby Pink almost blended into my skin. So I enlisted my friend Abby to see if the colors would pop on her skin tone.

I feel that the colors pop on her skin tone more but the contrast in color is greater on my skin tone.

swatches of all ten colors on light and dark skin tone

I swatched these by swiping my finger on each shade three times, then rubbed it on my skin twice. 

Just like how there are various finishes on the eyeshadow, the pigmentation and quality also differ. Before swatching, I really liked the purple color but as you can see, it is not as vibrant as I would like. I was also disappointed at the black color because it wasn't as smooth as expected. When comparing the lime green and silver color, you can tell the black is patchier. However, overall, the palette is still really good and pigmented. There's definitely some fall out but you just have to be careful and tap off the excess powder before applying. The black and white shade is the worst offenders with annoying glitter particles otherwise the rest of shades are smooth and buttery. This is a loud and pigmented palette for those who aren't afraid of color.

After swatching these with my fingers, it was difficult to get the colors off my fingers even after I repeated scrubbed my fingers with a tissue so they are definitely long lasting.

This is how my fingers look after trying to rub off the eyeshadow with a tissue.

I haven't tried the eyeshadows with a primer so the colors may be more vivid with an eyeshadow base.

Check out the close up of the swatches below:

close up swatches of last five NYX Avant Pop Art Throb shadow palette
From left to right: Fuschia with Pearl, Black with Shimmer, Lime Green with Iridescence, Metallic Silver, and Carrot Orange with Gold Shimmer
close up swatches of first five NYX Avant Pop Art Throb shadow palette
White with Shimmer, Matte Baby Pink, Pale Gold, Green with Silver Shimmer, and True Blue

On the left eye, I tried out the night look from the back cover with Fuscia color on lid and lime green on bottom. I had to pat on the fuscia color at least 3-4 times to get the shade you see below. Once I started blending it out, the color just kept on fading. I wished the fuscia color would be a bit brighter. To get the color brighter next time, I am going to apply the color over an eyeshadow primer. The lime green color popped with just two swipes on the lower lash line. The lime green color is actually a lot brighter and pigmented than the picture below but the color is partially covered up by my straight lash.

Before I tried out the look, I thought this would be the prettiest color combination and would be wearable on a daily basis, but I think the green is too bright for an everyday look.
right eye with purple shadow and green shadow. left eye with orange and blue shadow

On the right eye I used the orange shade on my lids and blue shade on the lower lash line. The orange and blue combination looks nice for a day at the beach.

I still think this is an amazing eyeshadow palette for people who aren't afraid of bright colors. The colors are pigmented enough and I think the colors will be brighter if layered over a white base or an eyeshadow primer. The colors last long enough for a day out and even though some colors don't go on as smooth, they can be worked with.

Before swatching, my favorite color was the fuscia color but I was terribly disappointed with the pigmentation. I think the sky blue is my favorite.

Let me know which item from the makeup set you want me to review next. 

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