Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil Review- a cheap alternative

So I just finished using up my first cleansing oil and decided it's best to do my review of it now before I forget about it.

It's called Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil by Kose which is a japanese brand that produces a whole spectrum of different beauty products that ranges from high end to drugstore brand. This is one of those more affordable options that you can pick up at drugstores. There are many different variations-whitening, speedy, and deep. Reasons that I choose deep is because one, I can't seem to believe a simple cleanser can whitening my skin and two I only used the cleansing oil when I want to deep clean my pores and remove makeup so I didn't want it to be a speedy thing. So I am left with deep and decided to choose that one.

When I first heard about cleansing oil it was of course the infamous shu uemura cleansing oil. I was pretty skeptical since I have always had oily skin and it doesn't seem right to be adding more oil. However beauty reviewers were saying that it takes like to bind to like and it does make sense since water and oil will never mix, so how will water effectively remove the oil from my face. After seeing youtube videos of how remarkable its cleansing ability compared to normal makeup remover was I decided to try it- but not on the $50 shu uemura bottle. I wanted an affordable alternative. My all time favorite beauty blogger musingsofmuse suggested the Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil.

How to use:

  1. You are supposed to apply a good amount to DRY skin and massage your face for about a minute or two. ( If you forget and wet your face, you will need to dry your hands and face before proceeding which is why I usually do this before taking a shower. What I mean as a good amount is that you're able to massage your face and feel your hand glide over your face but not so much that your face is drenched and dripping with oil. I usually use about two pumps, a little at a time. I like to work in sections. I like to start from my chin, massage in vertical motions, making my way up to my forehead, skipping the eye area. Then I add a little bit more and gently massage my eye area. After, I work my way down from my forehead back down to my chin in circular motion. I like to massage my face this way but you could do it anyway you want. It does take longer than the traditional foam cleansing but I feel that I am deeply cleansing my skin.
  2. Wet your hand with water and massage your face again- you should see it emulsify and the oil turning white once in contact with water.
  3. Finally rinse off everything off with water.

Now off to my review. The texture is a bit thicker than water and will still drip if you're not careful when putting it on your face. I don't get any oily smell from it but it definitely feels oily. What I like about this cleanser the most is that it can be used to remove all my waterproof eye makeup without having to switch to a different cleanser for my face and eyes. However it does blur my vision for a little bit when it gets in my eye but its fine after washing. It definitely cleans well. While massaging, you can feel the clogged pores, unclog itself, and feel the the plugs on your face while massaging. I did break out after using this but I don't know if its due to this product entirely because I switched to this cleanser after my biore ice fighting cleanser was used up and didn't add another form of salicylic acid medication in my regimen.

I would still recommend this because of its price, its excellence at removing makeup and its feeling that I am deep cleansing my skin. I would definitely repurchase but since there are so many other cleansing oils out in the market, I want to try other ones out there.

I actually forgot to take a picture of it before throwing away the bottle but I got this pic off amazon just to let you know how it would like.

 I bought mines from during its flash sale for about $12 but later realized it's sold at my local asian supermarket for $15. I just checked right now on SASA and its actually cheaper at $10.50. If you can't find this anywhere I do feel that SASA gives sales once in a while but you do need to hit the $75 purchase in order to get free shipping.

I am not paid in anyway by anybody. Purchased this with my own money.

Let me now what you think and comment if you know another good oil cleanser that doesn't cost a fortune since I just ran out.

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