Thursday, February 13, 2014 and sephora mini haul

During the month of december, I got lot of internet discount codes. With my skin being extremely blemishy and spotty I went on a splurge convincing myself I am saving money.

I have had Skin79 gold label for over 2 years now. Its about time to purchase a new one. Since Missha was a highly rated brand I decided to purchase that and a couple other highly rated items. Will be reviewing these as soon as I can.

Items from 
The prices from roseroseshop is a bit cheaper than other online site. However their shipping prices are like ~$7 for each items and varies depending on the weight of the items. After  factoring shipping prices my whole purchase was ~1 cheaper than if I would buy from ebay or sasa.

Products that I purchased
  • Missha perfect cover BB cream in no 23 (just let you know I did not like it) if there is another bb cream that you guys can recommend please let me know.
  • TonyMoly Tomatox- supposed to be very brightening- haven't tried it yet
  • Innisfree bija anti-facial foam-its ok
  • Innisfree Apple Juicy lip and eye remover- haven't tried it but supposed to be amazing


The sephora haul was part of the christmas sale where you spend $50 you get $15 off.  How could I resist.

I purchased 2 items:
  • Murad clarifying mask- $37
  • Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores $24
  • (now that I am looking at the price i am thinking- how could I bear to shell out that much money for just 2 masks?)

    From the black friday haul I purchased:
  • The Josie Maran argan hand healer set -The Josie Maran one wasn't much of steal but it was good to try it since it contains the highly rated whipped argan oil intensive hand cream.
  • Lorac fan favorite duo ( get an eyeliner in onyx and an eyeshadow in  pewter) which was $10 only!!! what a steal 
  • Ren the fab 4 tester kit- I eventually returned since it cost ~$28 for that kit and the samples were tiny- felt it would be better if I bought the full size of one product instead.

 All other items you see in the picture were samples. One of the benefits from buying online is that when you buy over $50 you get free shipping and there are also limited time discount codes. I got the 12 samples in a makeup bag. The samples came in a cute plastic makeup bag but the bag was rather flimsy. I feel like if I placed a sharp pencil inside it would poke a hole in the makeup back since it is so thin. But its good enough to hold samples in.

I will be reviewing these in the near future.

talk to you later and thanks for reading,