Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Spy A Shimmer Cube Dupe?

Lancome's My Parisian Shimmer Cube looks incredibly similar to Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes

pastel colored shimmer eyeshadow highlighter blush for spring
Was browsing through pinterest when a pin caught my eye. Lancome has released their Spring 2015 Collection "From Lancome With Love" and I felt that their My Parisian Shimmer Cube looked incredibly similar to The Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes.

"This smart yet glamorous palette inspired by a Rubik's Cube contains nine shimmering pastels in removable cubes that can be used individually or blended together with a brush to highlight and illuminate your facial features for an effortlessly French-chic look. Each shade can be used as an eyeshadow, blush or highlighter"

Hot Pink Shimmer Cubes-Palette 26

Pretty In Pink Shimmer Cubes-Palette 21
Spring Bronze Shimmer Cubes- Palette 30
Lancome's My Parisian Shimmer Cubes has 9 pastel colors and retails for $59. One thing I don't like about Lancome's palette is that judging from the pictures alone, it seems like there are repetitive colors with the purple and yellow color.

Body Shop's shimmer cubes comes in a variety of color coordinated palettes and retails for $22. If I get two of Body Shop's shimmer cubes it would cost me $44 but it's still a lot less than the cost of Lancome's and I would get a wider variety of colors. However, Body Shop's Shimmer cubes is only intended for use on the eyes while Lancome's Shimmer Cubes is supposed to multitask and can be used as an eyeshadow, highlight or blush. For the Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes, you get the option to use their eyeshadows wet or dry which I don't think Lancome's has that option.

What I love about Lancome's is the metal-looking case that the shimmer cubes is housed in. While reading reviews about the Body Shop's shimmer cubes, I found that after prolonged use, the powder would get between the crevices of the cubes. And because it's a see-through case, the palette would look very icky fast. However since Lancome's case is all covered up, the powder and mess would feel less gross.

I covet Lancome's shimmer cubes just for the cute drawings on the packaging, however I am not much of a pastel eyeshadow fan. I like how Lancome's is intended as a multitask product. However, I don't know if the texture of Body Shop's is finely milled enough because if so, I am pretty sure the lighter colors can be used as highlighters also.

I had always wanted to try out Body Shop Shimmer Cubes but couldn't get myself to fork out the $22 bucks. But after comparing the two, it seems like Body Shop's would be a nice dupe for Lancome's.

I just don't know how the formulation would compare.

update: I found swatches and a better look of the shimmer cubes @rosedrain23 posted an unedited photo of the shimmer cubes and the colors have a greater contrast than the official lancome photos.

The nonblonde posted swatches on her site and the colors don't seem to vary a lot.

Anyone who has used Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes please let me know what you think about them and if you would purchase Lancome's.

Is anyone itching to buy Lancome's Shimmer Cubes like I am?

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the blog. I actually got the Lancome cubes a few weeks ago and had no idea anyone else made them. (Never seen/heard of them) I just ordered some cube palettes from the Body Shop today. Violet and Blue. The Lancome ones are OK. I am very fair skinned and the colors do not show up on me very well. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I just didn't know what to expect. Also the colors are a bit repetitive, as you pointed out, and there are several coral/reds and 2 yellows but no green or blue. The yellows look the same on to me. The 'dark' purple cube is my favorite. Also I voted above and noticed that you didn't include an option for Lancome lovers/buyers who want to try Body Shop. I am a beauty junkie so I will get both, my husband just does NOT understand this at all LOL. Then again, $60 for eye shadow is pretty steep. And I have to admit, Lancome killed it with the adorable packaging! Awesome job! I wish they sold the cushion makeup compact with the spring 2016 balloon girl print in the USA. I see that they have it in the UK. So pretty. I may even buy the blush cuz the package is so cute! Sorry I can't be more helpful, these are new to me and have not tried the body shop cubes yet. The Lancome ones are very fine, easy to blend, and very sheer. I think you can use the body shop ones for blush and highlighter too. All eye shadows can be used on the face, but not all blushes/highlighters can be used on the eyes. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Since it's sheer, I'm probably not going to be happy with the look. Although most people voted in favor of buying Lancome's version, I have came to a conclusion of purchasing Body Shop's version when it goes on sale. Whenever I buy high-end cosmetics, it's usually because of impulse or because I feel bad not buying anything after the SA helped me out. So envious you got to try out both formulas. Guys won't ever understand why we splurge on makeup. Heck my mom and sister doesn't understand me either. It's just an obsession of mine.