Thursday, December 28, 2017

Eyeing Gap's Crazy Stripe Dress

I've been wanting a quality soft sweater dress for many years now. However, I've yet landed on one. I was wandering inside gap after earning $50 gap cash from the black Friday purchase and found one item that caught my eye. It's the crazy stripe wool blend dress.


This holiday, Gap introduced the #crazystripe collection which has scarfs, sleepwear, sweaters and much more all decked in colorful stripes to brighten up your mood in the cold weather. I've always had a sweet spot for ribbed sweater. This dress satisfies the girl in me- wanting everything in multicolors. The rounded neckline is also perfect to keep me warm while not being suffocated in turtleneck and or freezing in v-necks.

The only thing about this dress is that horizontal stripes makes the body look wider.  I am already round in the middle section and I just hope the bodyhugging design doesn't accentuate my round belly.

More of the crazy stripes collection below:

I was surfing the web when I noticed a very familiar dress on Twice's Chaeyoung. She wears the striped dress in the 2018 January edition of Cosmopolitan magazine and it made me even more eager to get my hands on this dress. The dress looks amazing on Chaeyoung's slim figure with the dress hitting perfectly right above the knees.

[Cosmopolitan] via [kpopmap]

However at $90, I can't get myself to add the dress into my cart. They have reduced the price on the black and grey version to $57 but I still think the rainbow one looks better. The grey version is great for work though. While reading the reviews on gap, most say to go down in size as the sleeves and length of the dress is on the longer end.

I am still waiting to see if the rainbow sweater will go on sale. However the dress has been extremely popular, and a lot of sizes has already been sold out. On ebay, people are already selling the dress for $100. If I don't come across that dress on sale, my second option would be the ribbed stripped sweater.

I am crossing my fingers hoping the dress will go on sale and one in my size pops up in store. Let me know if you see the dress in small around the Boston area.

What have you been eyeing this holiday season?

Thanks for reading and Happy New Years 🎊