Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dream: Someone massages my back, cancels sovereign account, poor people are shooed, and me cleaning toilet

Last night's dream was pretty fuzzy.

I am over at my uncle's new house the three twins are playing but one falls. Nobody cared about them  since they always cry. I go over to take a look and ask her to move her hands but she can't because he wrist is twisted/broken. They had to take her to ER and she got a cast. 

I'm back at the house another uncle is massaging my back but then seems to be scratching a patch on my back. He has to pull down my shirt a bit in the back and my red bra is revealed and I felt a bit embarrassed since my entire family was around but he seemed to be treating me back. 

I then needed to go to the bathroom where a cousin directs me to the bathroom however, another cousin didn't want me to use it so shuts the door. I find another entrance and goes to the bathroom but that cousin pops in and gets angry. So after using the bathroom, I clean the toilet with lots of care. This was vivid because I remember myself tearing lots of toilet paper to wipe it over and over again. Then in the midst I found out that cousin didn't want me to use the toilet because he eats out of it. Then I get disgusted and left roaming around the neighborhood. It was a nice area. I was at a high place sort of like a cliff and was able to see a nice ocean view. I rent room near that area.

Then it get's fuzzy and I am trying to cancel my sovereign account that I had opened with a boyfriend or that the boyfriend gave me. I go inside and there is a poor person causing a scene in the bank and wouldn't leave. The banker asks if I had my card with me since it would be faster if I had the debit card. I walked outside to look inside my purse for the card and finally found it after a rummaging for a while. While I was sitting outside, the people causing a scene was waiting for her relatives to come for something and the banker tells them to stop causing a scene because it's disrupting their business. I get my account canceled successfully and then leave. 

As I am leaving I am passing through a college gathering. Then I don't know what happened.

I don't get this dream at all. There doesn't seem to be anything that connects with what I am doing. As for the twin, the parents cares about them a lot while I am usually indifferent to them. However is this trying to say subconsciously I really want to be a caring protective person?

not sure

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