Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snakes , Crush, Cookies in my Dream

Two night before I had two dreams.
Don't remember which one came first.

I saw a small snake about 1 feet long in my bed. Startled, I crawled into my parent's bed only to find out there was a gigantic snake, about 8 inches in diameter and 12 feet long on the bed. As I was scrambling to get away, the snake saw me and lunged at me, and I woke up.

Second was the sweeter one. I was at some sort of cafeteria. My crush (cool tall bald guy in college)was sitting at another table directly behind behind with his back toward me. The cafeteria sold lots of pastries and one of the ladies I knew came to give me a cookie. It was a christmas tree sugar cookie. Disappointed I went to look at all the pastries and saw there was a sign that if I signed up for the couple getaway sweepstakes I get another pastry. I was eyeing the lemon puff pastry. Even though I didn't have a boyfriend, being greedy, I signed up thinking that there was no chance for me to win but regardless I am able to get a free pastry. Why not? While I was signing up, other people in the cafeteria started to find out about the deal and started signing up also. My crush happened to sit really close right next to me and kept on looking at what I was writing since he didn't know how to fill out the form.

That's it

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