Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spotted: A Cotton Shirtdress that's been tugging at my heart

Korean actress Han Ga In appears in the March 2018 edition of Grazia. Of course I was mesmerized by her porcelain skin and ability to look amazing in everything. However there is this one dress that I felt like I've seen somewhere before.


I went back to Uniqlo's site and found that although it's not identical, it's very similar.

The dress that Han Ga In wears is Celine's Belted Dress in Cotton and Wool Satin and cost $2,500.
It is an oversized fit with more pocket details on the top of the dress. The D-ring loop belt is also thicker which I like more.

Photo by Celine

The one from Uniqlo is called Cotton Longsleeve Shirtdress.

Photo by Uniqlo

It is 100% cotton and has a fit and flare cut. The black color is all sold out but they have a light blue version which I particularly like. It's currently on sale for $19.90.

Photo by Uniqlo

If you have to have a black dress, Uniqlo has a black button down dress that also looks pretty nice. It doesn't have the D-ring belt but the bow belt makes it look more feminine. The button down dress has a more casual feel compared to the first dress.

Photo credits to Uniqlo

The dress looks strikingly similar because both have the D-ring loop belt. Han Ga In and the model both wore the dress with the sleeves pushed up and they both have this sleek open neckline. I do like the thicker belt on Celine's dress though. Of course the style and material is superior on Celine's but Uniqlo is 1/100 of Celine's price.

I'm really tempted to buy Uniqlo's version.

Which shirt dress from Uniqlo do you like better?

All photos credits to their respective owner.