Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dreams: In A Theater Meets A Relative, Trapped on a Haunted Island, Meets George W. Bush, Attends a Funeral of a Rich Man

How do I dream of these things. My dreams have become even weirder now that I have been blogging about it.

I find myself in an auditorium. I get the feeling that we are in an aquarium waiting for a show/movie to start. I am sitting with my Aunt. There is no space for my mom so she looks for another spot. I hear another aunt talking loudly. Then suddenly a procession start and we find that we are in a funeral for a rich man. We wanted to leave but people are right ahead of us. They start some funeral ritual and carry candles. Someone's shirt get's on fire and I get up to stop the fire. Then they are throwing sparks in the air as a ritual. The sparks hit me and I get burned. Everyone then heads to a church and being pushes by the crowd I am in the church. When we get out I walked for a long time but there was not  a single person around and it was dark and cold. I see a man picking trash he tells me that I am on a haunted island and nobody is able to leave no matter how far they walk. There is a hotel that I decided to stay in but everyone working there turns out to be spirits. Then morning comes and I get the feeling that I am rescued. I wake up to my mom yelling.

I fall back asleep and have the same dream but this time George W. Bush is sitting next to me in a funeral.  As we leave, his entourage ask if I want I ride but I decline knowing they will never be able to get out of the haunted island. I end up going to the same hotel and later they also show up. Next day I try to leave however there are boats and trains taking people away but I get the impression people will get killed riding on those. I wander into an amusement park and ask for a job to assimilate with them however they discover that I am human and I run around the park trying to hide watching others sliding through tubes having fun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dream: Someone massages my back, cancels sovereign account, poor people are shooed, and me cleaning toilet

Last night's dream was pretty fuzzy.

I am over at my uncle's new house the three twins are playing but one falls. Nobody cared about them  since they always cry. I go over to take a look and ask her to move her hands but she can't because he wrist is twisted/broken. They had to take her to ER and she got a cast. 

I'm back at the house another uncle is massaging my back but then seems to be scratching a patch on my back. He has to pull down my shirt a bit in the back and my red bra is revealed and I felt a bit embarrassed since my entire family was around but he seemed to be treating me back. 

I then needed to go to the bathroom where a cousin directs me to the bathroom however, another cousin didn't want me to use it so shuts the door. I find another entrance and goes to the bathroom but that cousin pops in and gets angry. So after using the bathroom, I clean the toilet with lots of care. This was vivid because I remember myself tearing lots of toilet paper to wipe it over and over again. Then in the midst I found out that cousin didn't want me to use the toilet because he eats out of it. Then I get disgusted and left roaming around the neighborhood. It was a nice area. I was at a high place sort of like a cliff and was able to see a nice ocean view. I rent room near that area.

Then it get's fuzzy and I am trying to cancel my sovereign account that I had opened with a boyfriend or that the boyfriend gave me. I go inside and there is a poor person causing a scene in the bank and wouldn't leave. The banker asks if I had my card with me since it would be faster if I had the debit card. I walked outside to look inside my purse for the card and finally found it after a rummaging for a while. While I was sitting outside, the people causing a scene was waiting for her relatives to come for something and the banker tells them to stop causing a scene because it's disrupting their business. I get my account canceled successfully and then leave. 

As I am leaving I am passing through a college gathering. Then I don't know what happened.

I don't get this dream at all. There doesn't seem to be anything that connects with what I am doing. As for the twin, the parents cares about them a lot while I am usually indifferent to them. However is this trying to say subconsciously I really want to be a caring protective person?

not sure

Monday, February 9, 2015

My Entire Lip Balm Collection Review List

Lip Balm Collection Review: At A Glance

From best to worst

  • best night time lip balm. This is what I use everyday before I go to sleep and wake up with nice soft moisturized lip.
  • Colorless. Not waxy or like petroleum jelly. Goes on smoothly.
  • Moisturizing Level: 8 out of 10

original eos lip balm in lemon drop
  • lemon drop one is the best out of all the flavors
    • has SPF
    • colorless
    • has a thicker more "goopier" consistency that I find is ultra moisturizing and protective.
    • nice lemony scent
    • Moisturizing Level 8 out of 10. In my original post I said it was 6 out of 10 but probably because I had it for so long now, it has a melty texture which is goopier and I feel is more moisturizing than before when it's texture was harder and less easy to spread.

burt's bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus
  • natural sheer tinted color 
  • does not highlight dry flakes as much as other tinted lip balm
  • feels like it is sinking into my lips and renewing my lips
  • Moisturizing Level: 7 out of 10

eos visibly soft lip balm in coconut swirl
  • colorless
  • texture is soft compared to original EOS but less thick than lemon drop.
  • feels like it is over-drenching my lips but I get the feeling that it doesn't absorb-like it's just lying on top of my lips
  • Moisturizing Level 6 out of 10

eos lip balm
  • colorless
  • harder texture compared to lemon drop so less likely to spread
  • lightweight and give a tiny bit of moisture-perfect for the summer
  • Moisture Level-5 out of 10. 
Maybelline Color Whisper Color Sensation Lipstick-Cherry on Top-Bright Pinky Red color
It's a lipstick but I think of it as a lip balm because it doesn't have this smell that lipstick has for example, Revlon Lip Butters.
maybelline color whisper lipstick in cherry on top
  • medium color that can be builded
  • highlight any roughness and flakes.
  • I love this lip product as a lip color-love, love, love. However, you can not use this as a lip balm. It provides absolutely no moisture. Even in the summer, it does not provide enough moisture for my lips and I need to layer it with a lip balm. But I love the color of this and because I'm lazy and  don't like to layer it over a lip balm, I only use it for the summer.
  • Moisture Level-1 out of 10
I will continue to update this list as I review my entire collection of lip balms.

Share your favorite lip balm with me below.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus Review

There's a snow storm going on outside and I am stuck at home. So what's a better time to do a review or than now. The other day I swiped on my long-time favorite, Burt's Bee Tinted before I braced for the cold headed out the door and not only did it moisturize my lips, it also gave my dead face a bit of color.

burt's bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus review

Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm comes packaged in a dainty cardboard container. I have to tell you that the main reason why I purchased this was because of the outside cardboard box. The cardboard container does absolutely nothing for the product and most people would toss it out after opening it but I think it's so cute. When you pull it open, there's even a message on the side. The actual lip balm on the inside looks nothing stellar-just a normal plastic tube of lip balm.

burt's bees tinted lip balm ingredients

Burt's Bee is known for their 100% natural products. I don't care whether it's natural or not as long as the product works and doesn't harm me. The natural is just a plus for me. 

What I like about this tinted lip balm is that it gives the perfect amount of color to brighten my face up. I may not always put on makeup but if I don't have any lip product on, my face just looks dead. This lip tint in hibiscus give me a natural rosy look. The lip color is sheer and glides on your lip smoothly. Right now I have very evident chapped flaky lips, but even with those conditions this lip balm doesn't highlight those flakes as much as other lip colors. I think it's the color that is more on the warm nude side, so it doesn't highlight flakes as much.

burt bee lip balm review

Moisturizing level is about 7 out of 10. When I have this on, it feels like the product is sinking into my lips as opposed to just lying on top of my lips like the EOS Visibily Soft lip balm does. I get the feeling that this lip balm renews my lips and helps decrease flaking by moisturizing it well.

swatch of burt's bees lip balm hibiscus

The color itself looks dull in the tube. However on your lips, it is a nice natural rosy color I like- not too overdone but yet not too dull. There's no shimmer particles and leaves your lips with a nice sheen. It rubs off easily and wears off in 2-3 hours. It does leave a tiny bit of stain on you lips after it wears off.

While I was doing this review, I just realized that it doesn't have SPF. Since I don't put sunblock on my lips, it one of the most places that I neglect sunblock and it would have been nice if they had included  some form of sunblock. The lack of SPF is nothing major and does not deduct any points from my review since it does such a great job moisturizing my lips and gives face some color. In the winter, I like to layer it with EOS lip balm in lemon which contains SPF and is colorless to give it even more moisture and the needed SPF.

If you need a tinted lip, this is the one to get and I highly recommend it. 

I have a condensed version of all the lip balms I have reviewed here.

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A Beauty Survival Competition Makes Me Realize That I Dream in Color

Yet again I had two dreams last night.
First one I don't seem to recall. I remembered it this morning but remember it anymore.

The second dream started out as a beauty competition then turned into a group knowledge competition. I was standing with other contestant but we are divided into two groups where the opposing group is facing us. The female judge and my trainer is on my left side.  I was considered leader of my group since the person who trained us thought of me as her best alumni. However I heard the judge tell my trainer that I looked too nervous for being such an experienced competitor. It was the session where we are tested on our ability to answer questions. The person right next to me stumbled. The next person asked the judge to repeat that same question. So my trainer jumped in and said the questions slowly so we could all hear. By the time it was my turn I had already heard the question three times so I was prepared to answer the question and was satisfied with my response. I felt that the first round was an individual competition just like in Miss Universe.

The second round we divided in teams and our team had young boy about 10 years old who was exceedingly smart. We were asked to name displays shown and answer by raising our hands. This is like testing our vocabulary. It's funny how all the displays had the asian theme. The first one was like a oriental temple looking structure with a buddha like figure inside. I had no idea what it was but good thing a girl on our team answered it right. One after another displays were shown but I had no idea what they were and couldn't answer any of them. Then came a dulcimer but I had no idea if it was a dulcimer or not since there were many different chinese instruments and I didn't want to give a wrong answer. I proceeded to ask the boy next to me but he went to the bathroom. When he came back he said yeah it is and I raised my hand but another team answered it. Then came a section where there were lots of tiny items circling around us like a sushi conveyor belt. The ones I could remember was a opened bento box but in which I was hesitant in answering but what made me so assertive that it was a bento/lunch box was there was a yellow egg-like food in the middle. This is also the reason that I know that I dream in color  since the egg-like food was so vividly yellow. There was a panda cartoon and a cartoon character with thick brows. There was a dish with roast pork and broccoli. I said roast pork and broccoli but the judge said I was wrong. Another guy from another team said a more descriptive name and got it right. Then I saw this malaysian cake dessert that I am pretty certain off (馬拉糕) but as I was raising my hand to answer the question, I woke up.

I think what's caused me to have this dream is the recent beauty competitions-miss universe etc and a children knowledge competition that I've been watching called Kid Genius where they test the kids on many different aspects and award the child that wins with a scholarship.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snakes , Crush, Cookies in my Dream

Two night before I had two dreams.
Don't remember which one came first.

I saw a small snake about 1 feet long in my bed. Startled, I crawled into my parent's bed only to find out there was a gigantic snake, about 8 inches in diameter and 12 feet long on the bed. As I was scrambling to get away, the snake saw me and lunged at me, and I woke up.

Second was the sweeter one. I was at some sort of cafeteria. My crush (cool tall bald guy in college)was sitting at another table directly behind behind with his back toward me. The cafeteria sold lots of pastries and one of the ladies I knew came to give me a cookie. It was a christmas tree sugar cookie. Disappointed I went to look at all the pastries and saw there was a sign that if I signed up for the couple getaway sweepstakes I get another pastry. I was eyeing the lemon puff pastry. Even though I didn't have a boyfriend, being greedy, I signed up thinking that there was no chance for me to win but regardless I am able to get a free pastry. Why not? While I was signing up, other people in the cafeteria started to find out about the deal and started signing up also. My crush happened to sit really close right next to me and kept on looking at what I was writing since he didn't know how to fill out the form.

That's it