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Target Her Holiday 2015 Beauty Box Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and Review of Target's For Her Holiday 2015 Beauty Box

Target Holiday 2015 Beauty Box

I was very satisfied with my first beauty box from Target which was back in Fall 2014. I loved basically every item in that box.

This time around, they had two different boxes, one for women and one for men. What made me want to purchase this box was for the Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara and the Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream. And when it went live, I quickly added it to my cart and checked out as fast as I could.

The box arrived in a plastic wrap. Right underneath the cover, you find a card telling you the theme of this box: glitz and glam. I don't think the products matched the theme at all. I mean how are colorful elastics considered glam.

Also included is a $3 off $15 coupon, which by the time I publish this post, it will have already expired on 1/10/16. The products, like my beauty box last time, are wrapped in red tissue paper and gives it a nice lux feel.

The main problem about these Target beauty boxes is that, Target gives such little information on these boxes. They just list the items and descriptions. There is no information about the amount you are getting and whether or not the item is full sized or not. You are basically just guessing based on the picture posted up whether an item is full sized or not. If there is a colored item, you have no idea which color you are getting. Even if you ask questions, there is no response from the customer service team. Despite all these shortcomings, if there is at least one full sized item that you want and one sample item you want to try, this is a great deal.

There's a total of 8 items and the Pacifica Eyeshadow alone cost $9.99 so the eyeshadow alone already covers the cost of the entire box. The box is definitely worth the $10.

Hair Food Dry Shampoo -Free of sulfates & parabens, this lightweight formula absorbs excess oils to give your hair an instant refresh.
I have yet to try this dry shampoo. Actually I still haven't tried the Fekkai dry shampoo from my last beauty box. I am a major dry shampoo user since my hair is always greasy. There is never enough dry shampoo for me and will definitely get to this some time.

Review of Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara

Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara -This must-have mascara combines a creamy new plumping formula that delivers instant volume with cup-shaped bristles that scoop & lift lashes.
It crazy how the power of advertisement affects you. I was excited for this mascara after seeing the commercial with Gigi Hadid.  Her seductive eyes, low revealing bra top, and the "Pushup" tagline enticed me to try out this mascara. And since my eyes needs some serious lift, I was constantly on the look out for sales on this mascara so when this box came out, I had to purchase it. Well long story short, the lashes you see on Gigi is from her alone and is not due to this mascara. This mascara is one of the worst mascara I've ever tried. I don't know how they can claim "lift lashes" when my lashes just drooped and clumped together.

Awful. If you see Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara, just skip it. Even if you see it 90% off, don't even try it unless you want to waste your money.
CeraVe Eye Repair Cream -A can’t-live-without cream that blends marine & botanical extracts to help repair and restore the delicate barrier around the eyes plus hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin.
I'm on my 2nd bottle of CeraVe PM night lotion and absolutely love it. Haven't tried the eye cream yet but I expect to like it. However, don't expect this eye cream to do any miracles. I thought this one was full size but was disappointed to find that it's 0.08oz. Still it one of the largest deluxe eye cream I've come across.
Goody Ouchless Sweat Stretch Elastics 3 ct -Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry plus gives you comfortable hold while you work out.
I have very little hair. I find these elastics to be too stretchy but those with thick hair will love it.

natural eyeshadow trio

Pacifica Love 3 Eye Shadow Trio -Coconut-infused, velvety mineral eyeshadows that offer staying power & a smooth finish.
This was a surprising like. All three of the colors are colors that you can wear to work. I am currently missing an all over peach color and this is the perfect color that I can use on my lids. I find that the white color isn't as shimmery enough for highlighting my inner eye duct.

When I opened the box, I was very happy to see this eyeshadow trio. The green packaging with gold accent makes this product look so high class. However, after opening up the outer box, the inside packaging was just a plain white plastic. It would have been nice if they had decorated the actual eyeshadow packaging with gold accents rather than accenting the cardboard box that you throw away.

If you're looking for a natural looking eyeshadow, this is a nice one to try.

Will write a full review and post a look with this eyeshadow later on.
Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream -Hydro-ionized mineral water and Biogen technology give you 24 hours of continuous hydration.
Haven't tried this yet but I think this cream has the texture of a gel-like cream so I am reserving it for summer.
Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream  -Anti-aging ingredients penetrate up to 10 layers deep into the skin’s surface to boost hydration and brightness while helping to reduce the appearance of lines.
It's dead winter right now, but I still haven't pulled out this cream yet. Will update this post with reviews later.

CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick -Available in 6 shades, this limited-edition lipstick will make you a force to be reckoned with this holiday season.

I was most concerned about this lipstick because you have no idea what color you would be getting and the colors from the Star Wars lipstick line ranges from metallic purple and steel grey which are colors that's more suitable for halloween. Anyhow, I was elated that I got number 30 which is a dark red color and is definitely a more wearable color compared to other shades in the line.

Covergirl Star Wars Lipstick number 30 is red and sparkly

I absolutely love this color. It doesn't give you a full on metallic look but I do see how it's part of the star wars line. In just one swipe, you get a full coverage color. It lasts for 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. It felt comfortable on my lips and did not dry them out. It does have visible sparkles in it, and does reflect light at certain angles but it doesn't look unsophisticated. If you aren't staring too closely, the sparkles aren't too noticeable. In the picture above, you can see the glitter particles on the lips, but it I don't mention it, you really can't tell. It's the perfect color for a holiday gathering.

My main gripe about this lipstick is that when you wipe off the color, the glitter particles that were once unnoticeable becomes apparent. It very difficult not to see the glitter once you wipe it off. Imagine wiping off the color before eating and there are glitter particles left over your lips. Yeah not too cool.

This box supposedly has a value of $50 and cost me $10. It is definitely worth the $10 but if I knew the mascara was this horrible, I would not have purchased it.

Hopefully the Target people will upload the size of the products in future beauty boxes or at least write whether or not it's a sample or full sized item.

Definitely do check out future target boxes. They usually range from $5 to $10 and are good value if the items work for you.

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