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Stairway to Heaven ep 12 comments

So Song joo is having his engagement planned with the Yoo Ri. He doesn;t want to marry her but wants to marry Han Jung sung. THen why did he accept the engagement. He should have turned down the engagement before it happened. And when Han Jung Sun ran away he should have ran after her. Why did he put the ring on the Yoo Ri's hand. He is just making things difficult. All he has to do is announce that he doesn't like her and will not marry her. It was a misunderstanding.

Whe jung sung arrived at the police station, tae hwa insists that he doesn;t know her and that he forgot everything then why did he keep calling jung sung at teh weddding. He should have left with the police without a sound. THe only reason why Jung sung left the engagement ceremony is b/c he saw him being arrested by the police.

Since she is not the old jung sung anymore she should do things more sensible, Since he would have been arrested anyway, she shoud have finished the engagement and then ask song joo to save him.

Jung sung cries at the police station while song joo watches. Song joo then call her and they both try to sound fine. Tae hwa is released from song joo's secret help. Tae hwa tries to break up with jung suh and throws the necklace away. Tae Hwa scream why is she here when she should have been at the engagement and Jung sung cries back I would have already been engaged if it wasn;t for you. Why do you keep holding on to me. Now I am wondering if that is her real inner thoughts or just saying b/c she is mad. Jung sung cries out Tae Hwa's name after he leaves which makes me think: does she like joon soo more or tae hwa?

Jung suh sits at bus stop freezing. Song joo drives to the opposite street then backups to the bus stop. Once sung juh sees him she tries to run but song joo grabs and stuffs her into the car. They arrice at the carnival sitting on the carousel where Jung suh see the engagement ring and asks "we can't meet each other anymore" Joon soo thtows away the engagement ring he bought for her and say friendship is better than love. He elaborates that if they are friends they can still see each other, support each other, and give presents. At this he looks for the ring he just threw away and gives it to her. Does he know what he is doing He is married now. If he is technicially having an affair. Why did he even get engaged it ? He should have just called off the engagement.

Back at hime her father asks her where she's been and that they were worried. Step mom puts on an acts consoling her father not to be angry and to look in perspective on Jung suh. Yoo Ri demands where she been with Song joo and begs Jung sung not to take away her fiance. Hte stepmom adds that they should just forget the engagement ever happened. hearing this Jung suh quickly says that if she could do what she say then it would be good meaning forget about the engagement. The father takes this in as rude behavior and tell Jung suh to apologize. He says mother had cared about her. Jung suh replies that if she really did then why did they not look for her. They thought she was dead but how come they didn't look for tae Hwa. SHe added that father was the same. Once she mentioned tae hwa, yoo ri and step mom looked frightened that she would reveal everything.

Scene switches over to tae hwa waiting for Song joo. Tae Hwa asks fustrated that he let go of Jung suh so she could be happy but Song Joo instead marries someone else. Song joo then says it was b/c of him. Tae hwa replies that she was sacred that why she left and song joo shouldn't have let her leave. that what i am talking about. Why did she let her leave. To me, this engagement incident is all song joo's fault. He created this mess.

Next day pple at workplace decides to get the couple an engagement gift. Yoo ri mentions that her sister would know what's best for them so they tell Junh suh to pick the gift. Song Joo sees her buying and asks her to go out but Yoo interrupts thems aying that mother saks him for dinner. At first he says he has an meeting with a friend but since fiance come first he accepted yoo Ri offer.

At the work celebration Sung Joo presents him with the gloves which represents song joo saying before to make gloves for him.

Later when Jung Suh leaves for work song joo waits with an umbrella and walks her to the station. He wipes her with a handkerchief and then leaves. Jung suh hesitates before running affter Joon soo to give him the handkerchief back. I believe this symbollizes that Jung suh still loves her. Joon soo is seen running back to give her the umbrella and they meet

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stairway to heaven ep 9 review

It starts with jin soo walking up song Joo. We are tensed to see if she will say that her memory has recovered but she just stands there staring with tears dropping down her face. She losed her balance and Song Joo erects her and asks her what happened she just stands there crying and looking into Song Joo's eyes. I mean c'mon now's your chance say something but of course this is a drama and they can't end things so quickly. Yuri ushes Song joo away with the excuse that pple are watching and they need to attend to the opening of the mural. After they walk past her Jin so says quietly "Song Joo oppa". Song joo turns around and looks at her but he hasn't heard and continues walking.

The ceremony of the mural unveiling happens and Song Joo says the mural is dedicated to a loved one. And he wants everyone to see this mural named Heaven to feel happiness; no sadness or separation. Jin soo is watching this from the second floor and she seems touched ready to scream something out but then they announce for Tae Hwa the painting of the mural to say a few word. Tae Hwa says that he won't being going to heaven and he doesn't deserve it and sees Jin soo watching. He immediately runs after.

Tae Hwa tells her that no matter what they will meet at the carousel at 12. The brother then meets with Song joo. Song joo starts by saying he's very sorry that he like jin soo even though the brother liked her first. I thought the brother would tell him everything that his sister hit her, hid her, so she could take everything from her, and that jin soo was the real jung suh but he just said that he was bery sorry and that he was going to give song joo something at 12 and to meet him at carousel.

Turns out the brother was trying to set them up together. So at 12 jung suh and song joo met each other but she didn't say anything she just stared at joon soo while he made his way from the moving carousel over to her. He then told her that he had sent jung suh to heaven. Thinking that she was only that past and doesn't have a place in Song Joo heart anymore she decides not to tell joon soo the truth and instead that she was curious of jung suh and that she wants to be her. Upon hearing this Song Joo makes her into cinderella and they ride on a pumpkin shaped cart. And later they ride on the carousel.

Why doesn't she get it. joon soo now completely believes that she had died. If she doesn't tell him that she didn't die he will get used to the idea that she is dead. Then later she will not be able to be with him. People do change.

I really don't understand why she doesn't tell him she is jung Does she want to be with Song Joo or not. She seemed to have given up being with him. While riding on the carousel you see that she her eyes are all red, She seems to be in pain, But the thing is she is creating all this pain. She can tell Song Joo that she is jung suh.

And indeed when the round of carousel ended it seems that joon soo had really let go of jung suh b/c he said with this we will go our separate ways.

She goes home and bangs on the door asking for tae hoon but he tells her to go and return to where she used to be and to never forgive him. She cries outside the door saying she has nowhere to go and that she will never forgive him.

Next day she stops her stepsister's car in the parking lot while the step sister makes a scene saying that no one will believe what she says making an allusion to her status when she was young no matter how loud she scream no one heard her and that yung juh should feel the pain she felt when she was young.

at the office the associates were reading an online post that said something along the lines that Director joon soo has an affair with designer kim ji soo and since one of them was jin so's friend another coworked ridicules her for making the wrong friends. While they were bickering Song Joo enters and announces that he was responsible for all the misunderstandings and that they should not talk about this incident anymore.

The chairwomen soon summoned joon soo and jin soo and asks one of them to resign. jin soo speaks up since the son won't she will be in order for her to leave she must give the remaining amount of money promised in the contract to her friend and left. Upon hearing this, Song Joo was slightly objecting about her leaving. You see glimpse of joon soo still wants her to stay. His mother than told him how could he have taken this girl as jung suh. It was his fault that jin soo tried to pretend to be jung suh.

After you see jin soo giving the resignation letter to a manager but he told her to hand it to president herself giving her back the letter it was snatched by the stepsister, not letting any change of them meeting with each, saying she will hand it to the president for her. Jin soo retaliated saying I will do it myself. She enter ji soo's room with his back toward her . She leaves the resignation on his table and once she plans to leave, Song Joo says " you didn't have to pretend to be jung suh i like you the way you are (being jin soo). He hold her face in his palm while she cries but then abruptly turns away and says take care (indicating for her to leave). I was like why did he hold her so tenderly and the cold steps away from her. If he likes her then stay with her. Don't be wishy-washy

She leaves the Yuri watched her with a triumphant smile. She walks and takes the bus to a motel and while she is going, you see Song joo trailing after her in his car. While she is in the bus he drives parallel to the bus and watches her through the windon. be careful and watch the road when you drive.

The scene then switches to Tae Hwa he is folding up a letter , saying that he is sorry, into a paper plane and sliding a three leafed clover with an extra leafed taped on into the crevices. Suddenly the door burst open and a million of men started to rough up the place. I thought it was the chairwomen's doing but it turns out his father had accumulated debt and they wanted tae hwa to draw for them inorder to save his father. Tae Hwa declined their demand and one commented if he wanted to die. He answed you asked correctly I do want to die. They beated him incessantly after.

Jin soo is seen in a motel and she picks up the phone to the stepfather telling her to come back and tae Hwa is about to die.

NOTE: if anyone wants to watch this they can see it at drama fever or continue to this link below

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Staiway to Heaven ep 2 comments

How can the step mom and step sis treat her so badly!!!.

The step sis gets a car to ride in while she has to take the train

Doesn't the father know what is happening and how come she doesn't tell her father?

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Summer's Desire ep 8

Hello this is the very first blog I will be creating.

Just to let pple know I will be dedicating this blog to drama. I am a very avid drama watcher and really like to discuss dramas with my friends. Recently many dramas that used to be available on youtube are being cut off due to copyright issues. Other site that have dramas don't have as good quality or don't have a place to write comments which I enjoy reading and taking part in.

I am creating this blog for all other drama watchers out there to share what they feel- whether if the actor is just to goodlooking or the drama plot is not exciting or just if they like this drama or not.

So to my first review/comments of Summer's Desire aka Summer's Bubble

It starts of with Luo Xi doubting the Xia mo's faithfullness toward him b/c Ou chen tried to ruin their trust for each other by telling Lou Xi that the only reason why he was treating Lou Xi so good (from completing press conference to allowing him back in battle flag as main lead) was not b/c he like to but b/c he had promised Xia Mo.

Later on when eating at Xia mo's house both Xia Mo and her brother could feel the hostility in Lou Xi's replies. Xia Mo then followed Lou Xi outside to ask him what was wrong and when Lou didnot reply, Xia mo asked Lou Xi not to show his discontentment toward her and her brother. After hearing this Lou Xi then asked her "you didn't know? it was the deal... I wanted to know what the condition was. Did you meet him?" He wanted to know if Xia mo really had begged Ou chen so that he could have kept his leading role in battle flag. Xia Mo avoided answering his question maybe it was b/c she didn't want him to misunderstand that there was something between her and ou chen and said that she didn't make any deal/condition with him. And she added that Ou Chen only said that to hurt their relationship. Also that in the entertainment busines it hard to tell what's real or not and what they need is not eyes or ears but mutual trust. (now I really like that line right there. It is critical to the drama and what I feel is the main reason the character keep on breaking up) After that Lou says he will try to trust her more.

What is shocking next morning they find out that Lou Xi has resigned from Battle Flags.Ou Chen is deciding to make Lou Xi pay for the loss of leaving the production of the movie. At Lou Xi's end he is being critiqued by his boss for making such an unprofessional decision. Lou Xi then holds up a couple of picture saying that the boss is also making a risky decision. Lou Xi and the boss then agrees to work together at an unknown project.

It turns out the reason why Lou Xi left Battle flag is for another movie "World's Big Event" that would challenge Ou chen's corporation from entering the entertainment business. Ou Chen corporation other hand replies to the media saying that Lou Xi absence will not halt the corporation b/c they will make another drama the golden dance which with the main lead being Xia mo.
An even more shocking news appears on the tv claming that Xia Mo and Lou Xi has officially broken up the main reason being that Xia Mo ditched Lou Xi for the rich boss.. Xia Mo immediately runs out of the room trying to contact Lou Xi to clear up for any misunderstandings but Lou Xi throws his phone on the table completely misunderstanding her. He says why do u have to lie to me. My question is why can't u trust Xia Mo after she calmly told him previously to trust her. Xia Mo appears knocking at the door for awhile but leaves b/c her brother wants to see her immediately. Lou Xi then decides to open the door but too late. Xia mo already left. He stares out in the open space bitterly saying you always leave and come whenever you want to.

The scene changes to Ou chen and his butler with a request from his parents wanting him to return to france for a meeting and a chance for a vacation since it was near his birthday. This reminds Ou chen of how he got his ship. He asks his butler to go with him somwhere and we see him standing at a cliff looking out at the sea and he tells the butler that he remembers how he got the ship. IT goes to a flashback that it was his 15th birthday and his parents wants to know what he want for present.

cont.. on in next post need to go to work