Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stairway to Heaven ep 12 comments

So Song joo is having his engagement planned with the Yoo Ri. He doesn;t want to marry her but wants to marry Han Jung sung. THen why did he accept the engagement. He should have turned down the engagement before it happened. And when Han Jung Sun ran away he should have ran after her. Why did he put the ring on the Yoo Ri's hand. He is just making things difficult. All he has to do is announce that he doesn't like her and will not marry her. It was a misunderstanding.

Whe jung sung arrived at the police station, tae hwa insists that he doesn;t know her and that he forgot everything then why did he keep calling jung sung at teh weddding. He should have left with the police without a sound. THe only reason why Jung sung left the engagement ceremony is b/c he saw him being arrested by the police.

Since she is not the old jung sung anymore she should do things more sensible, Since he would have been arrested anyway, she shoud have finished the engagement and then ask song joo to save him.

Jung sung cries at the police station while song joo watches. Song joo then call her and they both try to sound fine. Tae hwa is released from song joo's secret help. Tae hwa tries to break up with jung suh and throws the necklace away. Tae Hwa scream why is she here when she should have been at the engagement and Jung sung cries back I would have already been engaged if it wasn;t for you. Why do you keep holding on to me. Now I am wondering if that is her real inner thoughts or just saying b/c she is mad. Jung sung cries out Tae Hwa's name after he leaves which makes me think: does she like joon soo more or tae hwa?

Jung suh sits at bus stop freezing. Song joo drives to the opposite street then backups to the bus stop. Once sung juh sees him she tries to run but song joo grabs and stuffs her into the car. They arrice at the carnival sitting on the carousel where Jung suh see the engagement ring and asks "we can't meet each other anymore" Joon soo thtows away the engagement ring he bought for her and say friendship is better than love. He elaborates that if they are friends they can still see each other, support each other, and give presents. At this he looks for the ring he just threw away and gives it to her. Does he know what he is doing He is married now. If he is technicially having an affair. Why did he even get engaged it ? He should have just called off the engagement.

Back at hime her father asks her where she's been and that they were worried. Step mom puts on an acts consoling her father not to be angry and to look in perspective on Jung suh. Yoo Ri demands where she been with Song joo and begs Jung sung not to take away her fiance. Hte stepmom adds that they should just forget the engagement ever happened. hearing this Jung suh quickly says that if she could do what she say then it would be good meaning forget about the engagement. The father takes this in as rude behavior and tell Jung suh to apologize. He says mother had cared about her. Jung suh replies that if she really did then why did they not look for her. They thought she was dead but how come they didn't look for tae Hwa. SHe added that father was the same. Once she mentioned tae hwa, yoo ri and step mom looked frightened that she would reveal everything.

Scene switches over to tae hwa waiting for Song joo. Tae Hwa asks fustrated that he let go of Jung suh so she could be happy but Song Joo instead marries someone else. Song joo then says it was b/c of him. Tae hwa replies that she was sacred that why she left and song joo shouldn't have let her leave. that what i am talking about. Why did she let her leave. To me, this engagement incident is all song joo's fault. He created this mess.

Next day pple at workplace decides to get the couple an engagement gift. Yoo ri mentions that her sister would know what's best for them so they tell Junh suh to pick the gift. Song Joo sees her buying and asks her to go out but Yoo interrupts thems aying that mother saks him for dinner. At first he says he has an meeting with a friend but since fiance come first he accepted yoo Ri offer.

At the work celebration Sung Joo presents him with the gloves which represents song joo saying before to make gloves for him.

Later when Jung Suh leaves for work song joo waits with an umbrella and walks her to the station. He wipes her with a handkerchief and then leaves. Jung suh hesitates before running affter Joon soo to give him the handkerchief back. I believe this symbollizes that Jung suh still loves her. Joon soo is seen running back to give her the umbrella and they meet

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