Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer's Desire ep 8

Hello this is the very first blog I will be creating.

Just to let pple know I will be dedicating this blog to drama. I am a very avid drama watcher and really like to discuss dramas with my friends. Recently many dramas that used to be available on youtube are being cut off due to copyright issues. Other site that have dramas don't have as good quality or don't have a place to write comments which I enjoy reading and taking part in.

I am creating this blog for all other drama watchers out there to share what they feel- whether if the actor is just to goodlooking or the drama plot is not exciting or just if they like this drama or not.

So to my first review/comments of Summer's Desire aka Summer's Bubble

It starts of with Luo Xi doubting the Xia mo's faithfullness toward him b/c Ou chen tried to ruin their trust for each other by telling Lou Xi that the only reason why he was treating Lou Xi so good (from completing press conference to allowing him back in battle flag as main lead) was not b/c he like to but b/c he had promised Xia Mo.

Later on when eating at Xia mo's house both Xia Mo and her brother could feel the hostility in Lou Xi's replies. Xia Mo then followed Lou Xi outside to ask him what was wrong and when Lou didnot reply, Xia mo asked Lou Xi not to show his discontentment toward her and her brother. After hearing this Lou Xi then asked her "you didn't know? it was the deal... I wanted to know what the condition was. Did you meet him?" He wanted to know if Xia mo really had begged Ou chen so that he could have kept his leading role in battle flag. Xia Mo avoided answering his question maybe it was b/c she didn't want him to misunderstand that there was something between her and ou chen and said that she didn't make any deal/condition with him. And she added that Ou Chen only said that to hurt their relationship. Also that in the entertainment busines it hard to tell what's real or not and what they need is not eyes or ears but mutual trust. (now I really like that line right there. It is critical to the drama and what I feel is the main reason the character keep on breaking up) After that Lou says he will try to trust her more.

What is shocking next morning they find out that Lou Xi has resigned from Battle Flags.Ou Chen is deciding to make Lou Xi pay for the loss of leaving the production of the movie. At Lou Xi's end he is being critiqued by his boss for making such an unprofessional decision. Lou Xi then holds up a couple of picture saying that the boss is also making a risky decision. Lou Xi and the boss then agrees to work together at an unknown project.

It turns out the reason why Lou Xi left Battle flag is for another movie "World's Big Event" that would challenge Ou chen's corporation from entering the entertainment business. Ou Chen corporation other hand replies to the media saying that Lou Xi absence will not halt the corporation b/c they will make another drama the golden dance which with the main lead being Xia mo.
An even more shocking news appears on the tv claming that Xia Mo and Lou Xi has officially broken up the main reason being that Xia Mo ditched Lou Xi for the rich boss.. Xia Mo immediately runs out of the room trying to contact Lou Xi to clear up for any misunderstandings but Lou Xi throws his phone on the table completely misunderstanding her. He says why do u have to lie to me. My question is why can't u trust Xia Mo after she calmly told him previously to trust her. Xia Mo appears knocking at the door for awhile but leaves b/c her brother wants to see her immediately. Lou Xi then decides to open the door but too late. Xia mo already left. He stares out in the open space bitterly saying you always leave and come whenever you want to.

The scene changes to Ou chen and his butler with a request from his parents wanting him to return to france for a meeting and a chance for a vacation since it was near his birthday. This reminds Ou chen of how he got his ship. He asks his butler to go with him somwhere and we see him standing at a cliff looking out at the sea and he tells the butler that he remembers how he got the ship. IT goes to a flashback that it was his 15th birthday and his parents wants to know what he want for present.

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