Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shall I Keep my eye out for Becca's Champagne Glow or The Balm's Manizer Sisters

Was randomly browsing through the allure website and came across a limited edition holiday palette that will be released in november at Sephora.

I find that the palette resembles the Balm's Manizer Sisters Luminizing palette that was recently released last August and I had been eyeing it ever since.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sephora Gives You A Surprise with Beauty Shakeup

From now until October 22, you can play their beauty shake up game daily to win either a deluxe sample, 10% off, 150 extra beauty insider points, or 3X points on your next online purchase.

I will be listing the codes that I won here for my own reference.

I don't know if the codes will work for you, but you could try them.

I think the 3x points is most useful
my favorite sample of the bunch

thanks for reading,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Proper Way to Highlight and Powder Your Face to Achieve a Dewy Look

I randomly came across this video on a webpage. The reason why I am doing this post is because I wasn't able to save the video nor find a link to the video that I can reference to in the future. The video appeared on this glamour page.

I really liked the tips from the makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski who was giving tips on how to achieve flawless foundation. I didn't care for the foundation tips but I like her highlighting and finishing tips.
Using a liquid highligher, draw little triangles underneath your eyes and short dabs along your cheekbones.
She recommends the YSL touche eclat highlighter because it has sheer shimmer that looks natural.
Then make a line down the center of your nose and a dab on your chin


Then apply concealer where you need more coverage like under your eyes, corners of your eyes and along the sides of your nose.

Finally set your makeup with powder using a puff instead of a brush because a brush would leave residue on your face.
With the puff, use it with a rolling motion all across your face.

I always have trouble with using highlighters because my face is usually oily. Highlighters seems to accentuate the oiliness. And when I use powder, my face always look too matte.

Right now I am using a powder brush to powder my face. I am wondering if that's the reason why it looks to matte. However, I never really considered using a puff because I feel that it would trap more bacteria than a brush since I can wash the brush more easily. But if I wash a puff, the puff would not be usable a second time.

I might try out powdering my face with a puff next time.  Does anyone know where I can find quality puff like hers that doesn't cost me a fortune?

How do you normally powder your face and where do you apply your highlights?

credits to the original uploader on glamour and Cyndle Komarovski. I only made the gifs using their video to share the tips.

Thanks for reading,