Saturday, August 30, 2014

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel review

Hello everybody I am back with a review of Skintimate's new Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel in Mandarin Burst.
I have tried a Skintimate shave gel in the past and loved it. Since my last bottle was all used up I was so ecstatic to get to try this.
Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel review
It funny how it looks like the bottle is blending in with my table. In reality the bottle is gradient color of orange and yellow

There are three different scents: mandarin, lemon and lime. The one that I got was the mandarin scent.

The labeling on the container says that it contains 6 different moisturizers including vitamin E and Olive butter which helps replenish skin's natural moisture while providing for unbeatable razor protection for a close comfortable shave and healthy feeling smooth skin.

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel back labelDirections says to wet area to be shaved and then either dispense product on your fingertips or directly on the area. Rub gently to spread the gel/ foam over entire area, shave and then rinse off completely.

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel nozzle

The product comes out from a tiny hole and is a really pretty pinky orangey color.  Even though my palms didn't have any water it changed from a pink orangey gel to a thick white foam in seconds. You really only need about 2 quarter size for each calf. The first time I tried it, I dispensed too much and got way too much foam all over my calves. Consequently when I was shaving I couldn't see my leg well and accidently got a tiny cut. Regardless of my stupidity, I felt that the gel did provide a layer of protection to prevent razor burns.

pink orange color shave gel from Skintimate mandarin shave gel
I wasn't quick enough to capture the pretty pinky orangey color before it changed into the foam but you can see a little bit of the color underneath the foam

thick white foam from Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel
the foam had a nice fluffy and dense texture-kinda like cool whip- felt like I was frosting my leg-made me want to eat cake so much XD

Scent: I liked that the scent was just right. Its a nice sweet mandarin scent that was light and not overpowering. For those who don't like overly scented products, this is just right.

All the foam washed away without leaving any residue and left my calves feeling lightly moisturized and refreshed.  Its ok to use in the summer when my skin isn't quite as parched as in the winter but in the winter, it will definitely not be moisturizing enough for me since I have very dry scaly skin.

I actually like Skintimate's moisturizing shave cream that I bought before more because it is like 10x more moisturizing than this shave gel. After using the shave cream, I seriously do not have to apply moisturizer over my legs and that's in the dead winter. However it does leave a little bit of oily residue which some may not like. I also liked that the shaving cream doesn't foam up so I can see where I am shaving. However, I don't like the package because it makes dispensing out the product messy. The cream dispenses from an opening at the bottom and in order to allow the bottle to stand upright, the bottom is a wide flower shape, but because of the shape, cream gets caught in the crevices. Overtime there is old cream in the crevices that turns black and its disgusting.

Replenish: I will not purchase this for myself when it runs out mainly because it wasn't moisturizing enough for me. It was like any other foaming shave gel but I did like its light scent. After I run out I am most likely going to repurchase the Skintimate moisturizing shave cream since winter is coming and I definitely need the extra moisture. This might be for people who likes a light foaming shave gel but its not a one for me.

PROS: - lightly moisturizing shave gel
            - refreshing light scent
            - dispenses cleanly

Cons: not moisturizing enough for my dry skin

Disclaimers: I got this as a free sample from crowdtap. I was not paid by the company to write this review and all opinions are completely mine.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Tips For Making Dark Or Dull Skin Appear Brighter

During episode 3 of get it beauty, they showed how to make dark or dull skin appear brighter.

If you tend to have bluish dark circles you can help it by doing an eye massage.

  • start in concave section right next to the nose and draw spiral/circles all the way out to the temples. There are lots of capillaries in those area so it helps with improving circulation.

how to do dark eye circle massage

The host pointed out that  her skin isn't that bright but on TV, it looks brighter  and that's because of the help of the light reflector. Then they proceeded to demonstrate the difference between no makeup, with light reflector and with the makeup artist's "light on" makeup.

difference in no makeup, reflecting light board, and with illuminated makeup

To make it look like you have a light reflector with you all day, the makeup artist points out the following tips:

To get rid of dull skin:

  • mix rice powder and yeast cream in 1:2 ratio.
  • apply it on the area where there's most dead skin cells. 
  • massage in circular motions and wipe off with a moist towel. 

Rice powder has exfoliating effect and whitening properties. To get rice powder you simply grind white rice into fine powder.

The makeup artist also points out that by lightening the apple zone your skin tone can look brighter overall. She says that if she doesn't have time to put a mask on her face in the morning she just puts it on her cheeks and then proceeds to do her eye makeup with the cheek mask on.

face mask on apples of cheeks when busy

For brighter appearance:

Choose a lavender cream eyeshadow- instead of white because lavender makes skin appear brighter and cleaner. then lightly apply coral blush on top and brownish-reddish eyeliner. violet colored mascara-makes pastel colors more refreshing.

lavender eyeshadow to brighten
coral eyeshadow layered on top of lavender eyeshadow

final look with lavender and coral eyeshadow
final eye look with lavender base shadow topped with coral shadow and red brown eyeliner
 Regardless of whether I want to brighten my skin or not, I actually like the pinkish eye look. This is my perfect daily eye look-very sweet and simple.

For the foundation:

  • Apply a peach based shimmer foundation. Make sure the particles aren't too noticeable so you don't look like a disco ball
  • Apply a matte highlighter on top of shimmering foundation- use a matte highlighter on top of shimmer foundation instead of matte foundation with shimmer highlighter makes skin look more dimensional and you get a thin transparent makeup look. 
  • Lastly spray yeast essence onto flat powder brush and pat onto face to make makeup adhere to skin and moisturize it.

sidenote: I think this episode was sponsored by some brand because throughout the entire episode
they kept on mention fermented products. For exfoliation they added to apply powder to fermented cream and for mask they said to use fermented essence mask. I have never heard of putting essence on a powder brush and patting it on my face to make makeup adhere. That's what makeup setting sprays are for. I would take some tips on using a fermented product with a grain of salt especially the last tip.

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