Friday, August 1, 2014

Tips For Making Dark Or Dull Skin Appear Brighter

During episode 3 of get it beauty, they showed how to make dark or dull skin appear brighter.

If you tend to have bluish dark circles you can help it by doing an eye massage.

  • start in concave section right next to the nose and draw spiral/circles all the way out to the temples. There are lots of capillaries in those area so it helps with improving circulation.

how to do dark eye circle massage

The host pointed out that  her skin isn't that bright but on TV, it looks brighter  and that's because of the help of the light reflector. Then they proceeded to demonstrate the difference between no makeup, with light reflector and with the makeup artist's "light on" makeup.

difference in no makeup, reflecting light board, and with illuminated makeup

To make it look like you have a light reflector with you all day, the makeup artist points out the following tips:

To get rid of dull skin:

  • mix rice powder and yeast cream in 1:2 ratio.
  • apply it on the area where there's most dead skin cells. 
  • massage in circular motions and wipe off with a moist towel. 

Rice powder has exfoliating effect and whitening properties. To get rice powder you simply grind white rice into fine powder.

The makeup artist also points out that by lightening the apple zone your skin tone can look brighter overall. She says that if she doesn't have time to put a mask on her face in the morning she just puts it on her cheeks and then proceeds to do her eye makeup with the cheek mask on.

face mask on apples of cheeks when busy

For brighter appearance:

Choose a lavender cream eyeshadow- instead of white because lavender makes skin appear brighter and cleaner. then lightly apply coral blush on top and brownish-reddish eyeliner. violet colored mascara-makes pastel colors more refreshing.

lavender eyeshadow to brighten
coral eyeshadow layered on top of lavender eyeshadow

final look with lavender and coral eyeshadow
final eye look with lavender base shadow topped with coral shadow and red brown eyeliner
 Regardless of whether I want to brighten my skin or not, I actually like the pinkish eye look. This is my perfect daily eye look-very sweet and simple.

For the foundation:

  • Apply a peach based shimmer foundation. Make sure the particles aren't too noticeable so you don't look like a disco ball
  • Apply a matte highlighter on top of shimmering foundation- use a matte highlighter on top of shimmer foundation instead of matte foundation with shimmer highlighter makes skin look more dimensional and you get a thin transparent makeup look. 
  • Lastly spray yeast essence onto flat powder brush and pat onto face to make makeup adhere to skin and moisturize it.

sidenote: I think this episode was sponsored by some brand because throughout the entire episode
they kept on mention fermented products. For exfoliation they added to apply powder to fermented cream and for mask they said to use fermented essence mask. I have never heard of putting essence on a powder brush and patting it on my face to make makeup adhere. That's what makeup setting sprays are for. I would take some tips on using a fermented product with a grain of salt especially the last tip.

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  1. Yeah, the lavender and pink combination does look refreshing under the lights on. You could also use a primer prior to applying the foundation, to add more glow and moisturize your skin. You can never go wrong with moisturizing. The more hydrated your skin looks like, the healthier and more glowing it would appear, regardless if you’re wearing makeup or not.

    Hugh Barber @ Laser-Clinique