Monday, July 1, 2013

Orly "In The Navy" nail polish review + july fourth nail idea

Happy July 4th everyone. I wanted to do a nail with red white and blue and decided with this nail idea.

red white and blue nail polish design

The colors is used was from left to right Orly's In The Navy, Orly's White Tips, and OPI's Red Rock n' Roll

Orly's "In The Navy" is a dark navy blue color with very fine blue shimmers. It looks like black in the first two pics but the color comes out to like the third pic where I have the flash on.
dark navy blue orly nail polish

I love the shimmers. Its not too glittery or showy. Just the right amount of shimmer. I only used one coat and it gave me a nice opaque coat. This is my second color from the Orly line and I like it better than my first bottle because it didn't give me streaks. The brush was still bad though. For the price that I paid ~4, the brush was worst than wetn'wild nail polish.

I wouldn't recommend buying Orly's line. The colors are awesome but the brush quality isn't which doesn't give a nice painting experience.

Also the nail color stains badly. My sister was gonna do a july 4th nail design but smudged her nails so she removed the color immediately but there was a blue stain that made it look like she was depleted in oxygen.

Thanks for reading :)