Sunday, February 7, 2016

Home Exercises to Achieve A Better Posture

Get It Beauty Season 2 Ep 8 Recap: Improve Your Posture and Makeup Tips for the Summer

I spend all day on my bed when I am studying and watching TV on my laptop, so I am pretty sure my posture isn't that great. I got interested when Get It Beauty enlisted physiotherapist In Young Ah to  teach the audience how to improve your posture while staying in shape.

However I am skeptic as to if these exercise would work. Like the first exercise you are leaning forward when you squat down and then raise one leg which makes my body all unbalanced. It feels like I am contorting my body instead of improving my posture. However since it's shown on TV and a physiotherapist is showing the exercise, it seems to have credibility. Bottom Line: I don't know if these exercise work. I only saw this from TV and felt that it is interesting so I am sharing it with you guys. Do it at your own risk as I am not responsible for any injuries resulting from completing these exercise.

1. spread you leg shoulder width apart.
2. lean forward and squat.
3. raise your arms when going down.
4. keep you hips straight rise back up and raise one leg
it helps tighten your hips.