Monday, June 17, 2013

That Winter the Wind Blows Ending Interpretation

This is my interpretation of the ending of the korean drama "That Winter the Wind Blows" played by Jo In Sung and Song Kye Kyo. I also want to clarify some misunderstandings. I felt like they rushed the ending and they left the ending open ended with many interpretations which I hate but it allows us to interpret it any way we want it to be.

 happy ending screenshot of that winter the wind blows

First off, I am a happy ending type person so I will interpret the ending in that fashion.

A lot of people were confused why Jin Sung stabbed Oh soo. He stabbed him because President Kim had his family and threatened to kill them if he didn't kill Oh soo. We see that Jin Sung was about to stab Oh Soo a second time but couldn't and watched him die on top of the rooftop. Some say what was the point of not stabbing him a second time if he wasn't going to help him anyway. It is his brother. It was difficult to stab him to death but he couldn't let him go either so he was torn between these to conflicts and could only watch him die.

The major answer to the story is that both Oh Soo and Youngie lived. Some say that Oh Soo must have died because Hee Sun asked Jin Sung what flower they should bring to Oh Soo implying that he died and they are bringing flowers to visit the grave. But this is only to mislead the viewers because after at the restaurant we see flowers on the table which I would interpret that they are bringing flowers to visit Oh Soo at the restaurant. Some say that Jin Sung was sad because Oh Soo died but I think he's sad because he feel ashamed that he betrayed Oh Soo to save his family. Although they somehow escaped from president Kim and death, Jin Sung is still remorseful that he had chosen his family over Oh Soo. If Oh Soo had really died, how would Hee Sun be that happy when she is visiting his grave?

The real main clue why they aren't dead is because they show Youngie interacting with her fiance and manager Wang at the welfare center. Unless manager Wang and her fiance and everyone else at the welfare center is in heaven, Oh Soo and Youngie couldn't be dead.

Overall I loved every bit of this drama aside from the ending. It was very moving and I cried in every single episode. It was filmed beautifully with beautiful casts and stellar actors that played their character well. The music in this drama was also really good. I like A Winter Story by The One. Here's a live version of it click here. I would definitely recommend this drama to anyone who likes melodrama and korean dramas.

side note:

in episode 8 soo brings Youngie up to the top of snow covered mountains. There were lots of branches covered in snow and there is bell sounds all around. He explains the "bell sounds" comes from the wind blowing on the iced branches. I luved that part. It connects the bells sound that Youngie cherishes with the title of the drama. Curious to how the bell sound phenomenon works because I have never heard of it before, I decided to youtube it to see if there are instances in real life and this is the link Well in real life, that "bell sound" is nothing more than crackles and wind. Once again drama life is a lot prettier than real life.

any other confusions or thoughts please comment

Have fun watching dramas :)

btw my heart melts when I see Kim Bum's smile

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  1. well it's 5 years after this review and I have just finished watching this beautiful drama. like you, i like happy endings, but i also love melodramas so sometimes I suffer, lol.
    I agree with you about your review and interpretation. I do think the writers and directors left the ending somewhat ambiguous for people who actually like to think everyone is dead and in heaven, lol, but you're right about Young and secretary wang, and her ex fiancee, and friends at the community center. unless they were all dead, why would they be in heaven with her? also, in heaven wouldn't her sight be perfect because its heaven. but that isn't the case at the end of the drama, her sight is still impaired, though better than it was before the operation.
    I will admit that if people wanted to, they could argue the fact that maybe Young dies after the chemo, thereby getting to heaven later than Soo, who died after being stabbed, and that before she died,while going through chemo ( remember that the dr told soo that if the surgery didn't kill her, the chemo would) secretary wang told her that Soo was in heaven and it would be okay....
    and that's where I think the writers decided to play around and leave loopholes open so that you could sort of decide and interpret fro yourself. but for me, the fact that she's with all the people she knew before the surgery, after the surgery at the community center etc, means that no one died, and that there really is a restaurant where Soo works, and she and he do unite. thanks for your review! I've only been watching dramas for about three years and am still catching up on all the dramas out there. I love the older ones the most!!

  2. i finally had the courage to watch TWTWB.. and as expected i cried in every single episode, OMG my heart!!! I really like SHK and JIS! They're amazing actors. They always give justice to the characters they portrayed. Well done.

  3. I've just (over the past week) rewatched it. A year since the last time and I loved it even more! I'm obsessed with this drama. Just finished it and I still wish oh soo hadnt been stabbed. I do believe they're alive and happy at the end but still....

  4. Wow you're a dedicated fan. I luved the drama and cried a ton. I watched another drama starring Jo In Sung "It's Okay That's Love" and I love it too bits." Jo In Sung plays a popular writer but we find that he has mental disease. The show really taught me to look at people with behavior problems in a different light and to not treat them like plague but look at them just like other disease. I also cried a ton in the drama. All the actors have done very well too.

  5. It's okay that's love, has been on my "to watch" list for a while! I'm definitely gonna watch it soon!