Saturday, June 22, 2013

Orly cotton candy nail polish review

Orly nail polish review in cotton candy

 For the longest time ever I have always wanted to try out Orly nail polish. So when I  saw that cvs is having a 50% off on the whole Orly line I quickly picked it up. If you guys are a fan of Orly, head over to cvs right now before  they sell out. I got mines for ~4 after the sale. Now onto my review.

orly nail polish in cotton candy that is light pink and opaque

Out of all the colors I think cotton candy is the prettiest. Its a light pink opaque color leaning towards the salmon color. I would say the color looks more like the second picture. One coat is opaque enough to cover nail line but this is by far the streakyest nailpolish I have ever tried. I had to apply 3 coats so that the streaks would not be apparent. The application was horrible and I think its due to the brush- it was stiff and doesn't spread the color- just streaks its. I am usually in a good mood putting on my nail polish, while putting this nail polish on, I was just so frustrated at the brush and streaks.

opaque light pink orly nail polish in cotton candy

Thankfully, the color came out opaque, shiny, and it lasted 3-4 days before starting to chip.

Overall I would not try Orly again. sticking to my holy grail Essie and OPI. I wanted to like Orly with its nice grip but the application was such a horrible experience I would not go back to it again.

If you have a better experience with Orly or any other nail polish you like please comment away.

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  1. I've just bought this one and I must agree-colour is appealing for me but application is awful! I had to apply even 4 coats to achieve even coverage. BUT I bought other colours as well, and I love them: Dazzle, lovely silvery thing and Soul Mate-still don't know about the wear but application and coverage is amazing!

    1. so the other colors that you bought weren't streaky and it was just cotton candy color that was streaky?