Sunday, November 16, 2014

Get It Beauty Episode 6 Tips

This episode of Get It Beauty focused on sun protection and reminded people the following:

-need to apply nickel to quarter size amount of sunscreen to your face

-4 spots where sunscreen wears off easily
nose, cheek, forehead and hairline

-don't forget to apply sunscreen to you back of neck

-our temperature on our face is about 5-6 degrees celsius lower than body temperature which is about 31 degrees celsius or 87.8 degrees fahrenheit
-higher temperature will lead to redness and dryness and can destroy collagen causing wrinkles to form. It's important to maintain skin temperature in the summer to prevent premature aging.

How To Apply An Adequate Amount Of Sunscreen Without Makeup Looking Pastey

The makeup artist recommended to use a brush to apply the sunscreen because the brush doesn't have heat which makes it more easier to apply a thicker layer over the skin. You can use your fingers to blend out any areas that is too thick after.

He then spread makeup onto the skin with a spatula and then sponged it in. His reasoning for using a spatula as opposed to a brush is that makeup applied thinly with a brush doesn't last long. There are two sides to a sponge. -use the uncoated side to keep makeup adhered onto the skin better then use the coated side to give the skin a nice finish. This is the first time that I have seen makeup spread on the skin with a spatula. I don't think its necessary and is best left to the professional but if you guys have a the chance to try it out, let me know how it worked for you

To prevent eyeliner from smudging

For those with extremely smudgable eyeliner, you can dip an eyeliner in transparent mascara and apply a layer above the eyeliner-acting like a waterproof seal.

Make your own bold and colorful lashes

colored fake lashes

What I loved most about his tips were the colored fake lashes. He made the colored fake lashes himself by using a toothpick to apply nail polish on top of normal fake lashes. He said to apply a little bit at a time to prevent clumps. Let dry and apply more nail polish until opacity of color is reached.

pink colored fake lashes on top orange colored lashes on bottom

Colored lashes looked extremely nice on the model. I'll probably try this out when I am feeling bold

In episode 6 there were no blind beauty test so don't waste your time watching only to find out that section was missing.

Do you think you would try out any of these tips?

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