Monday, July 27, 2015

Orly Nail Polish in Chica Boom Review

I picked up this polish as a duo on sale from Marshalls but didn't end up using it until now. It was left to collect dust with my other polishes.


I had planned to go the beach with the kids so decided to put on a nice bright summery color. While rummaging through my box of nail polishes, Orly's Chica Boom jumped out at me.


A couple years ago, my sister had bought this bright orange color called Braziliant from Essie's 2011 summer collection and I really liked that color. You wouldn't think that orange would look nice but it suited my skin tone well.  It's not as bold as red but still gives you a burst of color. Chica Boom looks different in the bottle but is actually quite similar to Braziliant on the nails.

bright florescent orangey nail polish

In the bottle, it looks like a florescent orangey color with hints of pink. However, to my disappointment, on my nails it's just a normal orangey red creme color. It's a nice color for the beach but wasn't what I was expecting. 

The formula is watery and drips quickly but I tend to like a more liquidy texture. It goes on sheer and with two coats you can still see the nail bed. I liked the sheerer type of color ( and because I was lazy to  put on another coat) I just left it like that. However, the next day, it chipped so I had to apply a third coat to cover up the chip. The color you see in the picture below is with three coats of Orl Chic Boom with no base or top coat. The actual color looks less red than the picture.


I was amazed at the high shine finish and dry time. It dried within 2 minutes which is on par with my other OPI nail polish. Even without a base and top coat, the color comes out to a nice high shine finish. However my nails chipped quickly in 1-2 days so I would definitely recommend to apply a top coat over it to extend its wear.

Bottom line: I love the formula but it chipped too quickly.

It you are missing a nice shiny orangey color, this would be a nice one. Just know that it won't last more than 3 days. 

What is your to go to summer nail color?


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