Sunday, August 23, 2015

Daily Essentials Haul for Tax Free Weekend

While others were queueing up at Wrentham outlet buying branded goods and pushing their new TV set out of Best Buy, I was running my daily errands and stocking up on my daily essentials during tax-free weekend.

For our first stop, we swung by our local Staples and picked up some pens.

I absolutely love Bic Atlantis Pens and what's better is that they come in pink. The width of these pens are small enough to fit my hand and they are smooth and have a nice grip. I am fidgety while taking notes in class and these pens don't make the loud "click" noise when your keep pushing them up and down. 

 I thought these pens wrote in black but when I read the packaging more closely, these actually wrote in pink. All well, pink brightens up my day and these pens are just so pretty I couldn't return them.

They retail for $2 and I had a coupon for $1 off of Bic pens so they came out to 25 cents per pen.

Papermate Flair- I haven't tried these yet but I do know they are felt tip. I am actually not a big fan of felt tip pens as they bleed through paper easily but my sister likes to color code her planner so she decided to try them out.

 Next we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Believe it or not, Bed Bath and Beyond has one of the best discounts for beauty products and they are always well stocked unlike the ULTA right next door.

While roaming the aisles to see what new products were stocked, I discovered that the Psssst dry shampoo was on sale for $4.50 a bottle. They are usually around $6-7 at CVS so I quickly grabbed two. And what's better is that each came with an extra travel size bottle so it was even more of a bargain.

I have tried many different dry shampoos in the past and I always came back to this one. Each can lasts me about 6-10 uses so I use up a can quite fast. It's always good to have a can on hand because my black hair is greasy all the time and a quick spray of this makes me look presentable.

I already had a $9 bill so I decided to add on the Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil so I could use my $5 off of $15 coupon. My favorite beauty blogger musingsofamuse did a review of this and I am a little more than halfway through my current cleansing oil, so I decided to pick this up. 

The cleansing oil retails for $8.79. With the $5 off coupon I got two bottles of Psssst dry shampoo and this cleansing oil for 12.79- an absolute steal.

Btw I heard Missha was being sold at Harmons inside Bed Bath and Beyond, so I decided to look out for it. Unfortunately there was no bb cream that I wanted but they did have the full line of Cho Bo Yang which I didn't care about. But who knows, I might get needy and pick up the line on impulse.

It's a 10 miracle leave-in Plus Keratin. We have heard so much reviews for this product so we decided to give this a try. There were like a million different versions of the it's a 10 spray. I wanted to go with the original but my sister says this one had keratin added so it must be better. I ended up being convinced and decided with this one. When I came home, I saw a review saying that you aren't supposed to use this more than twice a week because it would add too much keratin to your hair. Is that true? Is it bad to add too much keratin to your hair? Can you overuse this product?

Anyhow this retails for $37.99 and we had a 20% off coupon so the total came out to $30.39. We later roamed around target and found the exact product for $40 which meant we saved $10 buying this spray at Bed Bath and Beyond with their coupon.

Btw I just want to mention that Bed Bath and Beyond's coupon never expire so make sure to save all their coupon and if you don't want them, send them to me. ;)

After, we dropped by Michael's. My sister has been obsessed with stickers and labels so that she can organize her planner. She bought a couple packets of stickers from Etsy for $90. Beats me why she would spend so much money on stickers. She grabbed this set of washi tape for $19.99 and also got some bookmarks for $1.50.

There were a couple different sets of washi tape but both of us really like the multicolored design in the middle so we decided on this one.

Next we went to Target. My sister picked up some stuff that she needed while she was in college.
She needed a new moisturizer with SPF 15 since her previous one that she bought at target was a horror, she decided to try this one out. Olay Complete $12.99 for a two pack and a cartwheel coupon for $1 off makes it $11.99 .

My sister has been using the Simple Micellar Cleansing water and loves it. She decided to go with this Simple micellar facial wipes so she wouldn't have to bring cotton balls with her. These were $6.99 and on the cartwheel app she got another 50 cents off so they came out to 6.64.

These aren't necessarily a steal in my opinion as they only have 25 wipes in each these. The ponds makeup wipes that I usually use has about 50 wipes and it's only around $5. However this contains the micellar liquid so I guess that's the selling point.

 My sister is also running out of her Tresemme heat protectant so she decided to pick up this as well. She uses this heat protectant whenever she pulls out the hot tool so it runs out fast.
The best part of this spray is the nozzle. It makes spraying the product onto the hair so much easier.
This was on sale for 3.89 and my sister had extra manufacturer coupon for $1 off so it came out to be $2.89.

 Last but not least, we finished off at BJs. Last week the Clear Care Cleaning Solution was on sale for $16. They are usually around $20 at BJs so it was a good deal. Since my sister uses this every day to clean her ortho-K lense, she grabbed two boxes of these.

That's the end of our tax-free weekend haul.

What did you end up buying on tax-free weekend?

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