Thursday, September 24, 2015

Best Golden Nail Polish Selected on Get It Beauty

Haven't wrote a post on the top products from Get It Beauty because the show didn't have a best product section for the last couple episodes. I started getting bored out by the show after not seeing the best product selection so I didn't watch the show for awhile. I am glad, they continued their Top Product Section.

On episode 11 of season 2 of Get It Beauty they rated the best golden metallic nail polish. 

I haven't tried that brand of nail polish before but for some reason, I took much interest in that brand. I guess my perception needs to be changed after Get It Beauty's test.

1st place Estee Lauder  Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in #06 Brushed Gold
It's waterproof so won't scratch as easily under water.
Contains gold and aluminum particles.
Experts felt that it resembled gold foil the most and was the most metallic.
$20 for 9mL

2nd place Tony Moly Tony Nail Metallic #ME04 Gold Champion 
It looks like a different color depending on the light.
$5 for 10mL

3rd place Apieu Aurora Nail Touch #Gl01
Has a thick brush so that beginners can apply easily
Has a rosemary scent after it dries.
$3 for 8.5mL

4th place Mac Nail Lacquer #Streaming Bright
Contains vitamin C and pea protein.
longlasting and shiny with UV protection 
$10 for 10ml

5th place Skinfood Nail Vita #BR613 Mocha Gold
Shine lasted a long time. Has vitamins and keratin to protect your nails
$1 for 10ml

Highlights from this episode

Contouring are more often seen in western cultures. This past summer "baking" or "cooking" your makeup to make your under eye concealer last longer was a hot topic and there are many tutorials  on youtube that teach others how to do just that.

I was surprised in this episode of Get It Beauty, they didn't use foundation but used 3 different colored concealer to cover the whole face.

From the pictures, it looks just like the contouring process that Kim Kardashian would go through everyday and a bit like the baking method. 

It looks like some crazy coloring project but after blending, it comes out all right.

It doesn't look like there were ever three different colors on her face.

I really admire a makeup artist's skill. When I look for foundation, I have to use multiple attempts to find my perfect shade. However the concealers don't match her skin color at all and her final look turned out perfect. It doesn't look like the color was too light or too dark.

I wish I could somehow work contouring into my routine. However every time I attempt it, my makeup just keeps getting thicker and doesn't look natural.

Have you tried an amazing golden nail polish before? I was surprised that OPI, Essie, Butter London, Barry M and others weren't even listed in the top 5. I have always been on the look out for a nice golden nailpolish but they were either too yellow or too silvery. I just might pick up the TonyMoly one next time.

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