Monday, May 6, 2013

My lip balm collection!!! first off Lypsyl lip balm

Hello everybody. Haven't posted in while due to the immense load of school work for the past few years. I am delighted to tell everybody I am back for now since I am on summer break.

I just want to show you the lip balm collection I have collected over the years
nivea, blistex, softlips, carmex, fresh, lypsyl, eos

I wanted to review all of these in one long post but I feel it would be way too long. So I have decided to break them up into parts.

The first one I will be reviewing is the Lypsyl lip balm.

lypsyl lip balm review
It's a lip balm I have had for a while so pardon its appearance as the label is already starting to fade.
I really like this. Its very very rich and  moisturizing. It glides on smoothly. I noticed that EOS markets it lip balm as being smooth. I would say this Lypsyl is twice as smooth.  It is colorless and it doesn't contain any SPF.

 I use it at night in the winter before I go to bed and wake up with soft pillowy lips. There is a tiny tingle to it-but not so much that it burns your lips- and it soon dissipates. Out of a 10pt scale for moisture I would say it's an 8.

I have already used so much that it it flat against the sides. Need a new one but I am postponing until winter.

The ingredients list is listed on the back of the lip balm

As you can see it is a pretty fat oval tube. Compared to all my other lip balms it looks gigantic but I used up this tube faster than any of my other lip balms.

On the side where you see the tan colored bug is where you push up the lip balm. There was never a problem pushing it up and down and I actually prefer this way dispensing it.

This is my most favorite lip balm out of the bunch i own.
 I think I bought it for ~$2-3 at CVS. I would definitely recommend this. Although if you are using it during the day keep in mind it doesn't contain any SPF.

Hope you guys like this post!!
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