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Jackal Is Coming Review

Jackal is Coming Review 

Just watched Code Name: Jackal aka Jackal is coming. Wanted to watch this so much because my favorite artists are in it - Song Ji Hyo and Jaejoong. So it's supposed to be a comedy about an inefficient killer trying to kill a top star but ends up falling in love. I love those sort of plots. Before  I dive into my thoughts, revealing spoiler, for those that want to watch the movie I watched it from this site . I am not responsible for that site but just wanted to give you guys a link to where I watched it from.

I liked the movie probably because of my bias for Ji Hyo and JaeJoong and I liked the twist in the end. If they just ended the movie without the twist, this would have been a pretty bad movie but the twist saved it. For a comedy it didn't get me to laugh out loud but it was amusing enough to let me to continue to watch. 
I really thought that Bong Min Jung (Song Ji Hyo) was just an amateur killer but when she transformed into a Jackal it made me realize that she was an actress after all. Completely not like the Ji Hyo we see on running man. She completely changed from a clumsy clueless self-proclaimed assassin to a professional assassin. Her eyes and aura completely changes and even though her outfit made her look like a wacko, she looked mysterious and chic after. 
I don't really understand the ending but would do my best to interpret it.
So basically she was Jackal, the experienced assassin, that was hired by the owner/CEO to kill his wife,Angela, because the wife was betraying him and her status in the industry was getting too powerful. She accepted another offer from Choi Hyun's exgirlfriend to kill Choi hyun (jaejoong) as a coverup for kidnapping Choi hyun and used other assassins as a coverup for killing Angela. She knew that Choi Hyun would be meeting Angela, so she pretended to be clumsy amateur killer so Choi hyun would lower his defenses. Once Angela was in the room she created conflict so she could fight with Angela and made it look like she accidentally stabbed her. Then Choi Hyun tried to get both of them out of the situation and paid her to not kill him but when they were about to leave, the imposter of Jackal came to kill Choi hyun and they ran away. Once they were out of public's sight, Min Jung then pushed Choi Hyun onto another building so he was safe and had a showdown with the imposter assassin. On the newspaper we see that it had reported that Choi hyun took down the assassin. At the end when Min Jung was planning to leave, Choi hyun called her to "work together". I think he fell in love with her and wanted to create time together and since she didn't seem to want to, he threatened to reveal she was a killer. Upon hearing that, Min Jung decided she couldn't leave Choi Hyun alive since he knew some clues and vowed to kill him.
thanks for reading
comment if you have a different feel to the story. would love to hear a different opinion :)

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