Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sephora Nail Bling decorated nail stickers review

Since summer is already here, wanted to do some pretty nails to wear with my summer dress.
I was browsing in sephora and of course I go directly to the sale area and found these 3d nail stickers that I've always wanted. They look awfully similar to the essie nail stickers that I've heard raves from but I haven't got a chance to try those yet. I checked up the price for these and seeing that its $3 I couldn't let go of it. They are called Sephora Nail Bling in golden bubbles.
3d nail stickers golden drops 
here's the directions in the back
As you can see they are 3D stickers. They are really pretty like golden dew drops. They are translucent so I think its best if you paint on a base color before applying these.

golden colored raised bubbles nail stickers
Sephora Nail Bling in Gold Bubbles

For $3 its a steal cause it comes with 18 stickers that comes in different sizes to fit your nail.
I've already used two that why you only see 16 stickers
I was surprised at the performance of these. Since they were on sale I was thinking they were't going to be good but boy am I wrong. They lasted for longer than a week!! I was typing, washing my hair, doing everything and it didn't fall off. It did take a while to shape the sticker to the exact size of my nail though so it not exactly a speedy nail thing.

Borghese Brilliante base and top coat
OPI heartthrob

I didn't really follow the directions listed on the label. I painted two coats of OPI's heartthrob and after it fully dried I then positioned the sticker on my nail, folded over the excess and filed in one direction until the excess sticker fell off. Because the 3D drops were impossible to file off and I had to cut off some of the dew drops. After I got my exact nail size I then lifted up the sticker, added a drop of clear nail polish  ( I used Borghese's Brilliante Base and Top Coat) at the edge of my nail then pressed the sticker tightly over it and let it dry. Finally I sealed the edges with the clear nail polish. I would say the hardest part of this nail art was filing it to the exact size of my nails. It's longlasting and removed easily with nail polish. I couldn't stop running my fingers over the drops. Felt like my nails were bedazzled. Would definitely buy these again.

these are my finished nails. I only did the fourth finger as an accent. Didn't want to do the entire nail since first it will take too long and second might look too cheesy.

thanks for reading!!
any questions please comment I'll try my best to respond.

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