Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dreams: In A Theater Meets A Relative, Trapped on a Haunted Island, Meets George W. Bush, Attends a Funeral of a Rich Man

How do I dream of these things. My dreams have become even weirder now that I have been blogging about it.

I find myself in an auditorium. I get the feeling that we are in an aquarium waiting for a show/movie to start. I am sitting with my Aunt. There is no space for my mom so she looks for another spot. I hear another aunt talking loudly. Then suddenly a procession start and we find that we are in a funeral for a rich man. We wanted to leave but people are right ahead of us. They start some funeral ritual and carry candles. Someone's shirt get's on fire and I get up to stop the fire. Then they are throwing sparks in the air as a ritual. The sparks hit me and I get burned. Everyone then heads to a church and being pushes by the crowd I am in the church. When we get out I walked for a long time but there was not  a single person around and it was dark and cold. I see a man picking trash he tells me that I am on a haunted island and nobody is able to leave no matter how far they walk. There is a hotel that I decided to stay in but everyone working there turns out to be spirits. Then morning comes and I get the feeling that I am rescued. I wake up to my mom yelling.

I fall back asleep and have the same dream but this time George W. Bush is sitting next to me in a funeral.  As we leave, his entourage ask if I want I ride but I decline knowing they will never be able to get out of the haunted island. I end up going to the same hotel and later they also show up. Next day I try to leave however there are boats and trains taking people away but I get the impression people will get killed riding on those. I wander into an amusement park and ask for a job to assimilate with them however they discover that I am human and I run around the park trying to hide watching others sliding through tubes having fun.

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