Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Beauty Survival Competition Makes Me Realize That I Dream in Color

Yet again I had two dreams last night.
First one I don't seem to recall. I remembered it this morning but remember it anymore.

The second dream started out as a beauty competition then turned into a group knowledge competition. I was standing with other contestant but we are divided into two groups where the opposing group is facing us. The female judge and my trainer is on my left side.  I was considered leader of my group since the person who trained us thought of me as her best alumni. However I heard the judge tell my trainer that I looked too nervous for being such an experienced competitor. It was the session where we are tested on our ability to answer questions. The person right next to me stumbled. The next person asked the judge to repeat that same question. So my trainer jumped in and said the questions slowly so we could all hear. By the time it was my turn I had already heard the question three times so I was prepared to answer the question and was satisfied with my response. I felt that the first round was an individual competition just like in Miss Universe.

The second round we divided in teams and our team had young boy about 10 years old who was exceedingly smart. We were asked to name displays shown and answer by raising our hands. This is like testing our vocabulary. It's funny how all the displays had the asian theme. The first one was like a oriental temple looking structure with a buddha like figure inside. I had no idea what it was but good thing a girl on our team answered it right. One after another displays were shown but I had no idea what they were and couldn't answer any of them. Then came a dulcimer but I had no idea if it was a dulcimer or not since there were many different chinese instruments and I didn't want to give a wrong answer. I proceeded to ask the boy next to me but he went to the bathroom. When he came back he said yeah it is and I raised my hand but another team answered it. Then came a section where there were lots of tiny items circling around us like a sushi conveyor belt. The ones I could remember was a opened bento box but in which I was hesitant in answering but what made me so assertive that it was a bento/lunch box was there was a yellow egg-like food in the middle. This is also the reason that I know that I dream in color  since the egg-like food was so vividly yellow. There was a panda cartoon and a cartoon character with thick brows. There was a dish with roast pork and broccoli. I said roast pork and broccoli but the judge said I was wrong. Another guy from another team said a more descriptive name and got it right. Then I saw this malaysian cake dessert that I am pretty certain off (馬拉糕) but as I was raising my hand to answer the question, I woke up.

I think what's caused me to have this dream is the recent beauty competitions-miss universe etc and a children knowledge competition that I've been watching called Kid Genius where they test the kids on many different aspects and award the child that wins with a scholarship.

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