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Revive Beauty Konjac Sponge in Bamboo Charcoal Review

Revive beauty bamboo charcoal konjac sponge

Revive Beauty's Konjac Sponge was the second konjac sponge I tried after using the ecotools one that I reviewed here.

My ecotools sponge already broke apart so I needed a new sponge to give my face some nice exfoliation. I found Revive Beauty's konjac sponge at my local Marshalls. It was only $4.99 so I picked it up. They have two version of the konjac sponge- the bamboo charcoal one and the plain white one.

Revive Beauty is a brand that does lots of imitation of popular items for cheap. I have only seen that brand sold in marshalls/tjmaxx. I have bought a makeup blending sponge from them and since I haven't tried the actual beauty blender I couldn't compare the difference.

directions on the back of box
This sponge is round and has a string so you can hang it up. One side is oval while the other side is flat. The flat side is the side that is used to scrub the face with. Like Ecotools it comes in a box and is wrapped in plastic. For a size comparison, you can see its about 3 inches in diameter.

revive beauty konjac spongerevive beauty konjac cleansing sponge

I don't know if it was my bias for the brand or something but I hated this sponge. It was way to abrasive. The Ecotools one was plushy yet still provided for the proper amount of exfoliation. Revive Beauty one just felt like I was scrubbing my face. Even after soaking it in warm water for 2-3 minutes it was still abrasive. For those you want a stronger exfoliation I think you might like this one but it was not for me. I think I should have tried out the other pure white version since the bamboo one was too abrasive. However when I was using the MY konjac sponge brand, I found that the flat side was more abrasive and when you flip it to the other side, it was much more gentler almost to the point of no exfoliation. However the flat side is the side that is used against the face. The only plus side to this sponge compared to ecotool is its string so you can hang it dry and not keep on surface to breed bacteria.

I wasn't able to test how long it last because it accidentally fell into my trash and since I hated it so much, I was glad to be getting rid of it.

Bottom line:
I hated this sponge and would say not to buy it unless you wanted a more exfoliating type of sponge. The Ecotools one is only $1-2 more expensive and would definitely recommend that one instead.

This is my master list of all the konjac sponge I have review: Konjac Sponge Collection Review
What brand of konjac sponge have you tried and liked?

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  1. It was way to abrasive. The Ecotools one was plushy yet still provided for the proper amount of exfoliation. charcoal tablets