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Best Lips Top Coat Blind Test from Get It Beauty

Best Five Lips Top Coat Chosen by Blind Testing on Get It Beauty 2014

Get It Beauty Best Lips Top Coat

The average person from New York retouches there lips 20 times a day. A Lip Top coat would allow for a longer lasting lip.

best lip top coat is anna siu lip color top coat

1. Anna Sui Lip Color Top Coat - $20 for 8ml

  • contains powder to minimize oil so there's less smudging
  • had the highest votes from both professional, Better Girls, and Online Voters

2. Holika Holika Beauty Top Coat-$8 for 5.3g

3. Clio Virgin Kiss Lip- $9 for 4g
its not stick

4.Etude House Color Lips-fit #WH901-$7 for10g
has silicon to to keep lipz moisturized. Is good for flakey lips. But Yoo In Na claimed it smudged her lips more than the #5

5. Dessange Paris Long Wearing Lip Gloss and Top Coat Duo Lip Gloss Stick-$20 for 3.5 g
gives long lasting moisturization

 guest Kim Ji Min was also back as guest host with special appearance of Jung Sam Mul makeup artist who has worked with kim tae hee, boa, lee hyori, kim yuna, tang wei

How to apply makeup naturally like a professional

Tip 1: you have to maintain a good skin: shouldn't being using the same products for all seasons.

 Using a finisher which acts like a primer to keep your skin hydrated and while also giving you a glow.

Tips 2 Adding dimension to your face to bring out natural features to your face using the thin and thick method.

You shouldn't apply a same layer of makeup all over your face because there are thick in thin skin.
Feel your vzone, areas jutting out are vzone- that is where the thick skin is and your need to apply a thicker layer of makeup. Your star zone, around nose, under the eyes, and above the lips are where thinner skin is located.

She uses a cushion type of foundation compact (aka bb cushion) and starts patting from the top of the V line down to the chin and then up the cheek area so that there is more makeup on the outer edges of your face. After blending out, use whats left on the cushion to pat the rest on your forehead and the thinner areas

 Tip 3: bring out freshness using warm and cool method.

 Around the eyes where its bluish with dark circles  and the upper lips are where there's fine hair is the cool zone. The cool zone is where it makes you look tired. She suggests to put a highlighter on those areas starting from under the eyes blending down to laugh lines where you smile around the mouth.
How to put on blush- sweep color onto a brush  and tap the color in the circular motion around your apples of cheeks.

Tip 4: Show and Hide method.

 When you draw your eyeliner,  don't draw it with the same thickness. It should be thin right above the pupil of the eyes and should be thicker near the outer corners of the eyes. Start at the outer of the eyes with thick lines then make it thin in the middle and then thick again near the inner tear ducts.
For eyeshadow use a base color and a darker color. Take the dark color starting from the outer edge and work the way into the tear duct so that the outer edge is darker. Pat the lighter color on the center of the lids so that there is less color on the edge and more color in the middle. When applying mascara do the left and right motion then up and down motion.

For the lips she uses a cubed shaped lipstick to shaped the v area so that it emphasizes the lines well. However i felt that the model already had nicely shaped cupids bow on her lips so her lips were nicely defined. But my lips aren't shaped like that, I don't know if I would be able to make such nicely defines lips with just that lips stick. The brand she is using is VDL expert color lip cube. The lipstick looks really neat. I have been eyeing that lipstick ever since reading it from some korean beauty blog.

sidenote: all three host are wearing incredibly cute dresses today. I especially like Jaekyung's white cutout dress.

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