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OPI's Liquid Sand in Magazine Cover Mouse Review

OPI magazine cover mouse nail lacquer is a deep glittery red nail polish

I'm back with a review of OPI's Liquid Sand in Magazine Cover Mouse

I recently picked up OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse nail lacquer that is part of their liquid sand line. When their liquid sand line was first released I really wanted to get a bottle. However the colors were all too bold for me and my job setting wouldn't have allowed me to wear it. I'm the type that wears a light pink shade all the time but their only pink color, pussy galore, looked to blue based for me so I never picked it up.

Then I came upon some colors at my local marshall's. I forget the price that I bought it for but it was a dollar or two cheaper than the $9.50 that is sold at ULTA. I still felt that the red was too bold for me but I couldn't resist to try out the liquid sand line. At the time that I was buying it, I already had in mind to do a red and gold nail look which would be perfect for the holidays.

So I decided to do my nails for thanksgiving. Apparently my mom ended up hosting this year's Thanksgiving gathering so I decided to do my nails to look put together.

Magazine Cover Mouse is a deep red color with gold micro glitters. In the picture above, the color is brighter and more washed out than the actual shade and the actual shade is actually closer to the picture below. Magazine Cover Mouse was part of the five colors from the Couture de Minnie Collection that OPI released back in 2013. When first I saw this shade, it reminded me of Dorothy's red glitter shoes that I loved wearing when I was young.

opi nail lacquer in magazine cover mouse review

For those who don't know about the liquid sand line, all the colors dries to a matte finish with a nice gritty texture like you dusted your nails with glitter or sand. It is meant to be worn as is with the matte finish but for those like me who likes their nails to be glossy you need to apply at least 3 layers of top coat to get it to be glossy. For some reason, when you apply one or two layer of top coat, it just doesn't come out shiny.

With just one coat, it was already opaque enough but another layer gave it a deeper and more sparkly appearance. With just one coat, the layer still felt smooth but when you add on a second coat, it becomes the gritty sandlike texture but it's not abrasive or anything like sandpaper. It just gives it a little bit of texture. After adding 3 layers of top coat, it becomes holographic to me. It's unlike any glittery nail polish that I've tried before. You really need to try the color yourself. The picture does not do it justice. When I put this on the first time, I was so amazed by the color, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

With two layers of Magazine Cover Mouse and three layers of top coat, the color lasted me for 5 days with minimal wear away on the tips. It definitely last longer than the standard nail polish and longer than OPI's original lacquer line with starts wearing away by the third or fourth day. I was still able to wear the nails for a week and half until my nails started to grow out and starting to chip.

The liquid sand line is a definite winner for me and I will definitely try out a new color. I definitely recommend purchasing a color from the liquid sand line. If the company is reading this please release a pinky peachy shade. I'm dying for that color.

As for removing the color, I just used a normal actone nail polish remover and it removed fine. It's a bit easier to remove compared to glitter nails polish.

After OPI started this sand texture nail polish trend, other nail brand also released their own lines: zoya with their own pixidust line, china glaze with texture line, sally hansen with sugar coat line, and nail inc, with leather effect line. I am especially interested in Zoya's Ginni from the pixidust line which is a sheer pinky glittery shade.

Red and Gold Nail Art tutorial

For my nail design on my fourth nail, I applied two layers of Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in Infinity Band then dotted on OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse in a cross like pattern and then finished off with a layer of top coat from Seche Vite. I was actually surprised at the opacity, goldeny, and metallic finish that Infinity Band gave off because I've tried a light glittery color in the past from the diamond strength line that was too sheer and glittery.

opi magazine cover mouse and sallyhansen infinity band
left to right: OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse, SallyHansen Infinity Band

I purchased OPI's magazine cover mouse lacquer with my own money and the company did not pay me to write this review. All opinions are my own.

What's your favorite color from the Liquid Sand line? Have you tried out a texture nail polish from a different brand?

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