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Stippling Brush Blind Test on Get it Beauty 2014

Top 5 Stippling Brush rated on episode 4 of Get It Beauty 2014

This was the first blind test that I actually felt was a blind test. Each brand normally has a distinctive package that you can't cover up with a sticker. For example a dior eye palette has that 4 shades on each corner of a square and a color in the center. For this stippling brush blind test, by covering up the brand on the handle, I could not tell the difference between each brush. They looked all the same.

I really wanted them to rate Samantha Chapman's real technique stippling brush but keeping in mind that this show takes place in korea, they probably do not have access to the real technique brand.

The Top 5 stippling brush chosen on Get It Beauty is listed below

top five stippling brush are from brand VDL, MAC, Espoir, Etude House, Skinfood Premium
From left to right: VDL Duo Fiber Face Brush, Mac 187 Duo Fiber Face Brush, Espoir Highlighter brush, Etude House Pro  Skill 102 Transparent Gloss Brush, Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush

1st place VDL Duo Fiber Face Brush  $20
better girls:1
  • applied foundation thinly
  • bristles has an extra coating so it doesn't lose stiffness and stays soft

2nd place Mac 187 Duo Fiber Face Brush $60
better girls:2
  • feels really soft
  • By using only stippling a few strokes, foundation is applied smoothly and quickly
  • this is the original brush that had so many companies copy it

3rd place Espoir Highlighter brush $27
better girls:3
  • better for powder products
  • sheds a little
  • very soft

4th place Etude House Pro  Skill 102 Transparent Gloss Brush $10
  • didn't cover all pores
  • stiff bristles
  • there's a glossy coating on bristles that allows it to apply a smoother foundation

5th place Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush $8
online: 5
better girls:5
  • some hair shedding
  • good for foundation and shimmering blush

These are also other tips from episode 4 of Get It Beauty

During the spring, it's inevitable to encounter pollen and pollution in the air. These dust particles contains lost of acid and heavy metal particles like mercury, lead, cadmium, that clog up pores, penetrate the skin and acidify causing aging.

Techniques to clean the face:
sparkling water-bubbles goes deep into skin clean deeply
combine water and sparking water in 1:1 ratio. remove makeup with a foam cleanser first then soak face for 10-20 seconds in a bowl the sparking water combination.  Pat  dry face.

Bean flour and egg yolk cleansing
Lecithin and vitamins in the egg yolk will nourish skin. The bean flour will exfoliate and wash away all the fine dust.
mix 1 tsp of bean flour and 1 egg yolk. spread an even layer over skin and then gently massage face for 30 sec to exfoliate. Then wash off with lukewarm water

spinach water- beta carotene in spinach is good for dry and sensitive skin caused by the fine dust. After blanching spinach in water, allow to cool thoroughly and pat the liquid on face.

salt-exfoliate skin and sulfur in salt helps detoxify skin.
Simply add some salt to your normal cleansing cream and gently massage face. Put saline solution on a cotton ball and wipe away dirt from skin.

I haven't tried any of the cleansing and nourishing method above so I have no idea how it works but I just leave it here so that when I have free time and a bit daring, I can try out these methods. These tips were all taken from episode 4 of Get It Beauty.

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credits to Cosmetics Love from youtube for the brand name of stippling brushes because I would have never figured it out

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