Sunday, September 25, 2016

Which Tarte Holiday Blush Collection Should I Purchase

It's not even October yet and cosmetic company have already started rolling out their holiday limited edition items.

Most of the time I gloss over them because I don't usually have money to buy a whole collection of makeup items from the same brand. However the Tarte blushes seem like a good value since I get to try out more colors. Since I never hit pan on any of my blushes anyways, I mind as well own more colors and get a smaller amount.

There are two holiday items that I want to get from Tarte this year.

First one is the Tarte Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette.

I was pretty decided on getting this one seeing the range of colors however, Temptalia already has swatches up and although the palette looks like there is a variety of colors, all the colors seem to pink. What happen to coral, muave, nude and berry? There doesn't seem to be much of a color variation in the palete. You can see more swatches at beatfacefridayy and my fav blogger budgetbeautyblog. Out of all the swatches online, I find that you see more color variation from the swatches from budgetbeautyblog and it makes me want it more but I'm afraid the shades would all look the same on my skin. Furthermore Temptalia rated the palette with a B+  which is not bad but a majority of the shades are rated B and not A so it makes me hesitant to purchase it.

It's valued at $117 and retails for $44 with 10 blushes. This makes it about $4.40 per shade. hmm Not bad.

The second holiday item from Tarte is the Limited Edition Sculpted Cheek Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush and Brush Set.

I have always wanted to purchase one of these cute deluxe blush set from Tarte but never got the chance. This year the set comes with a gold brush which I don't care too much about. But I like that there are four distinctly different colors: nude mauve, coral, rose, and hot pink. I found swatches from KelleyBsmith but the colors don't looks as flattering as the swatches from Tarte's Site

I like last year's gold festive holiday design on the palette a lot more than this year's artsy color block design.  I've got the pic below in case you've forgotten.

The Limited Edition Sculpted Cheek Blush and Brush set is valued at $94 and retails for $35. I don't care much about the brush so I am excluding the brush from cost making it $8.75 per blush- which I think it still worth it. If I factor in the brush say it cost $10,  then it would make it $6.25 per blush.

Now the whole breakdown:

Each full sized blush cost $28 for 0.20oz. This would make it $140 per ounce.
Color Wheel Palette cost $44 for 0.84oz.  This would make it $52.38 per ounce.
Blush and Brush Set cost $34 for 0.20oz. Disregarding the brush would make it $170 per ounce. If I value the brush at $10, it would be $120 per ounce.

All in all, the best deal would be the Color Wheel Palette. But I find the palette doesn't have much color variation.

Decisions Decisions Decisions.

Which one would you purchase?

Help me decide below:

Also does anyone remember if last year's Tarte deluxe blush set was discounted after the holidays? Because last year I purchased the double ended Bite Beauty lipstick $10 which I thought was a steal but after the holidays, it was discounted further making me mad at myself for not waiting.

If they were discounted last year, I can probably snatch the blush and brush set cheaper but I am pretty sure the color wheel will sell out pretty soon.

December 18, 2016 update:

So after Temptalia released her update of both holiday palettes, she gave Sculpted Cheek Blush and Brush set a bad score and my fave blogger, Musingsofamuse also didn't like it as much as the previous year's offerings. So I had decided on purchasing the color wheel. I wanted to use my $15 off of $50 holiday reward coupon but the Color Wheel palette was all sold out by that time. Ulta dropped the price of the Sculpted Cheek Blush and Brush set to $21 during their holiday hot buy sale and that palette also sold out.

Regardless of whether there were good rating or bad rating both palettes were sold out. So I guess, I'll have to see what palette they come out with next year.

thanks for reading,

What other holiday beauty item are you lusting for?

All the pics, aside from the first pic, was taken from the Tarte website. Credits to their owner.
All the links in the post were put in as reference for easy access. I was not paid to place those links. I was not paid in any way shape or form to write this post. All opinions are of my own.



  1. I vote for the color wheel! I think the colors in the deluxe set are quite similar to some of the colors in the color wheel. Time for me to look at swatches to see if I should get the wheel too =P

  2. Yeah I think at this point, I am edging toward the color wheel partly because of cost and partly because Temptalia released her rating of the deluxe set and gave it a bad rating.