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Top Five Best Pink Lipstick from Get It Beauty's Pink Lipstick blind test 2014

get it beauty with lips

In episode 3 of Get It Beauty, they picked the top 5 best pink lipstick for 2014 through blind testing

top five best pink lipstick from get it beauty
from left to right according to their ranking: Espoir, Chanel, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, and Loreal

swatches from left to right: Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Loreal, Espoir, and Guerlain

Best Pink lipstick of 2014 is...

espoir in PK001 N.Y Pink

1st place [Espoir] No Wear M Lipstick 
#PK001 N.Y Pink 
$10 for 3.7g

better girls:1st

The color was the most pigmented out of all the lipstick and went on smoothly. Experts placed it in first because the color was so strong and vivid.

2nd Place [Chanel] Rouge Allure
#138 Fougueuse
$40 for 3.5g

experts: 4th
better girls: 3rd

It doesn't have a vivid color but has a nice glossy finish. It makes lips look healthy and alive.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick #171 Attrape-Coeur

3rd place [Guerlain] Rouge Automatique Lipstick #171 Attrape-
$40 for 3.5 g

online: 3rd
experts: 5th
better girls: 2nd

It's moisturizing and very long lasting.

[Bobbi Brown] Sheer Lip Color in  Neon Pink

4th place [Bobbi Brown] Sheer Lip Color in Neon Pink
$30 per 3.4g

online: 3rd
experts: 2nd
better girls: 4th

It's very pigmented

Loreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte #P502 Cherry Crush
5th place [Loreal Paris] Color Riche Moist Matte #P502 Cherry Crush 
 $10 for 5g

online:3rd place
Better girls:5th

It goes on matte but has oils to keep lips from drying out.

What is your favorite lipstick?
Let me know if you want more of these get it beauty blind testing post.

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credits to cosmetic love from youtube for the name and color of the products. I would have never been able to figure it out without cosmetic love.

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