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Get It Beauty eyeshadow palette blind test 2014 edition

There is a korean beauty show, Get It Beauty, that I haven't been able to get my hands on and FINALLY its second season is subbed in English!!!

purple lips from Get It Beauty

It's second season is hosted by a beautiful actress and a favorite of mine… Yoo In Na!!! <3 p="">

cartoon eyes pattern on yoo in na on get it beauty

total beauty on purple tinted yoo in na from get it beautytotal beauty on blue tinted yoo in na from get it beauty
A popular segment of the show is their blind testing, where they blind test beauty products and reveals their ranking of their top chosen beauty product. I just wanted to compile a list of their ranking for those that don't get to watch the episode.

In their second episode, Get It Beauty had their 2014 edition blind testing for eyeshadow palettes.
Their blind testing consists of 10 beauty experts that anaylzed the product according to their field of expertise. They revealed the top 5 palettes that were voted by critics and online experts. On the show they only revealed the first letter of the brand and didn't tell us the full name. For example, for Chanel they would say C brand. I wrote in the name of the brand with the best of my ability based on what the packaging looks like. The brands stated in the post may not be the correct one, therefore I also included pictures in case you think the brand I guessed is different than the actual brand. Their ratings factors in opinions of beauty professionals, online critics, and audience (which the show calls Better Girls). The first section shows the ratings from beauty professions and second section shows ratings from online critics and the audience. Now without further ado, to the ratings…

get it beauty blind test

These are the top 5 palettes for Get It Beauty's 2014 eyeshadow palette blind testing:

In first place: Nars ( $120 for 15 g)

The ratings from the 10 beauty experts are as follows:

It's chosen as 4th place by doctors (aka dermatologist)
3rd place by beauty editors
1st place by makeup artist

pros: variety of textures and colors
cons: lacks transportability

online critics and experts rates it as follows:

Online:3.5 stars
experts: 4 stars
better girls (audience): 3.5 stars

the host commented that it has something that everyone wants to try since it has 15 eyeshadows


Second Place : Estee Lauder ($60 for 7.5g)

2nd by doctors
1st by beauty editors
2nd by makeup artist

pros: unique and trendy color
cons:might be hard for beginners

Online: 5 stars
experts: 1 stars
better girls (audience): 3.5 stars

Host comments: the spring collection from this brand has beige and pink color for bases, perfect for spring


Third Place: MAC ($60 for 2 grams)

1st by doctors
5th by  beauty editors
4th by makeup artist

pros: shimmer is pretty and elegant
cons: the monotonous texture was disappointing

Online: 4.5 stars
experts: 3.5 stars
better girls (audience): 3.5 stars

Host comments: its nude colors are perfect for spring. It uses lots of minerals so it goes on smoothly without flaking


Fourth Place: Bobbi Brown ($70 for 8.5g)

3rd by doctors
1st by beauty editor
5th by makeup artist

pros:variety of textures and usefulness
cons: colors can be dull

online 4 stars
experts 4 starts
better girls 3 stars

Host comments: colors make it great for daily use


Fifth Place: Chanel (2g for $80)

5th by doctors
4th by beauty editors
3rd by makeup artist

pros: trendy colors
cons: doesn't apply well

online: 4 stars
experts: 3.5 stars
better girls (audience): 2.5 stars

Host comments: the more you apply the more saturated it becomes. It goes on smoothly but clumps if you apply more.  It does not flake a lot.

If you want to watch the show, here's the link to Dramacool

Thanks for reading :)


Please comment if you would like me to post more of the blind testing results from Get It Beauty. Also do you guys like the way I arranged the rankings. Is it too picture heavy? Any feedback iid appreciated.

yoo in na inside purple eye silhouette from get it beauty

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