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Get it Beauty ep 9 Boy Group Idol Makeup

Korean Boy Group Idol Makeup

We have seen a trend in makeup where boy group are wearing lots of dramatic makeup.

In episode 9 of Get It Beauty, it shows tips on getting makeup that male idols wear.

The most noticeable makeup the guys usually have on is eyeliner. Once you say eyeliner, G-dragon's name comes up.
g dragon eyeliner demonstration on get it beauty

However there are also lots of other male idols that are known to put on eyeliner such as
male idols with eyeliner
Exo's Baek Hyun          Infinite's Sung Gyu           Shinee's Key                 Block B's Zico
In this episode, SPEED were special guest and they demonstrated the eyeliner look on one of the boys. I forgot his name but he looks so cute.

After the makeup, he instantly became cool.

The makeup artist took a chubbier black eyeliner and lined the eyes in the front and end of the eyes, keeping the center unlined. Then blended. Repeated the same underneath the eye.

The second type of makeup they demonstrated was Exo's Xiumin's shading makeup
It was just blending beige eyeshadow and giving her strong eyebrows

Then they demostrated Exo's Baek hyun's burgundy eye makeup

first use a burgundy color under the eye, darker near the ends and gradually getting thinner near the middle.
then use a darker burgundy color to line the eyes and give more contour.
the most important part is gray colored contact lens.

burgundy eye makeup on SPEED

Lastly the most dramatic makeup seen sported by male idols were the vampire makeup seen on Vixx.

The tip here was to tightline the top and bottom eyes entirely with a black liner. Then using a normal flat paintbrush, cut some bristles away so it becomes jagged. Moisten the brush then dip it in black eyeshadow and draw it across the top part of the eye and out. Instant drama.

I don't know about anybody else but I was expecting them to do a blind testing. I basically watch Get It Beauty to see which item they find is the best in their category but for the past two episode, the show didn't reveal any Blind Test. Wish they would bring it back. :)

What boy makeup trend do you think you would try?

For me, I think the burgundy makeup would look pretty nice on me.

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