Saturday, October 4, 2014

Top Makeup Setting Spray Selected By Get It Beauty

 The Top Five Makeup Setting Spray selected on episode 5 of Get It Beauty season 2.

best makeup setting spray

1st place: So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer-$10 for 50mL
Best makeup setting spray is from So Naturalhas staying power and hydration. 
makes your skin tighter and adheres well
fine mist

  • online:3
  • expert:3
  • better girls:1

2nd place: Too Cool For School Perfect Day Make Up Fixer -$10 for 50mL
fine mist

  • online:5
  • expert:1
  • better girls:2

3rd place :Mac Fix Plus- $20 for 100mL 
ranked the highest in hydration

  • online:1
  • expert:2
  • better girls:3

4th place MAKE UP FOREVER Mist & Fix $30 for 125 mL
pump spray 
good for hydration

  • online:2
  • expert:4
  • better girls:4

5th Clarins Fix Make-Up-$30 for 30ml 
has grapefruit extract and nice fragrance
pump spray

  • online:4
  • expert:5
  • better girls:5

In this episode of Get It Beauty they showed the audience how to achieve this season's hottest hairstyles. I wasn't that interested in the hairstyles of the models but I did think this week's host had really nice hairstyles. Yoo-In-Na had a nice side braid with a bit of volume on the top. While Kim Ji Min had layered hair with nice sidesweep.

yoo in na with side braid

kim ji min with sideswept hair on get it beauty

Tell me your favorite makeup setting spray or tip to make makeup last longer.

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