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Unboxing and Swatches of the Pur Cosmetics Set : Freedom Collection Inspired By The Divergent Series

The Freedom Collection by Pur Cosmetics is an exclusive Limited-Edition collection of 4 nude essentials that were inspired by the film The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

I ordered this Freedom Collection set last Wednesday and it arrived a 6 days later on Tuesday so I'm quite happy with the shipping. It comes shipped in a box insulated with brown paper and inside the box, you find another box held together by a cute bowed elastics. I like that finishing touch to it. However unlike the Target Beauty Boxes, this box is flimsy so you can't reuse it to store other items.

a limited edition freedom box wrapped with black ribbon by pur cosmetics

Inside the box, they included a card with Shailene Woodley's look in the Divergent Series. It's a minimalistic, natural and glowy look.

items inside the freedom collection box

The four items from left to right are: Mini Volume Vixen Mascara, Lip Gloss Stick in Berry Pretty, Double Ego Eyeliner in Tasmania, and Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation.

air perfection cc compact cushion

The main reason why I purchased this set was because of the Air Perfection CC Compact Cushion Foundation with SPF 50. Many bloggers have already reviewed it and said it was amazing. I've always wanted to try a cushion foundation but the ones available in the US are so expensive so I kept waiting for a korean beauty haul. However when I heard that the whole set was $39, I couldn't hold myself back to snatch it because just the CC cushion itself cost $43. So if you've been wanting to try Pur Cosmetic's CC Cushion, even if you're not interested in anything else in the set, buying this set is cheaper than buying the compact alone.

When I first purchased this, I originally thought that the set would only contain one cushion compact. I was so surprised that it contains a cushion compact and a refill. I totally scored on this purchase.

an extra refill of the air perfection compact cushion from pur cosmetics

The compact is housed in a white iridescent plastic container. When you open up the compact, you see a sponge that is separated from foundation by a plastic covering. The first time you flip the cover, you will find that the foundation is sealed. Just pull back the plastic film and you will find the sponge-soaked cushion.

light colored cc cushion from pur cosmetics

There are 4 shades of foundation that you can choose from: Light, Medium, Tan and Dark. I would say I'm between a light and medium and I decided to go with the shade Light.

light beige swatch of air perfection cc cushion foundation in light

When I first dipped my finger into the foundation, I thought it had a watery texture, but once I swiped it on the back of my hand you can feel that thicker tacky sticky texture. Despite the sticky feeling, the foundation blends well and after blending the foundation out, you definitely see shine. I'm like oh no this is way to shiny but after the foundation has dried, the shiny, sticky and tackyness went away. All that was left was a satin finish. It has a light coverage and can definitely be built up to medium coverage.

I will definitely do an update to see how I feel about the cushion compact after extended use.

double ego eyeliner inspired by divergent series

When I was going through all the products in this set and wondering whether or not to buy, I was most unhappy with this eyeliner because the review weren't that great. Most said the eyeliner just crumbled when using and I can see why.

double ego eyeliner

Double Ego Eyeliner in Tasmania is a dual ended chocolate brown eyeliner that is perfect for creating that sultry smokey eye as well as a well defined cat yet. One end is a dark chocolate brown eyeliner and the other end is a felt tipped eyeliner that's so dark brown, I definitely can't tell whether it's black or brown.

chocolate brown colored eyeliner
felt tip swatch on left, brown eyeliner on right

double ended eyeliner with felt tip on one end

There isn't any problems with the felt tipped eyeliner but the other side does crumble off when you're applying so you have to be very careful. On the plus side, it's very soft so no worries about dragging. However because it's so soft, I find that a little rub would blend away the eyeliner so although it's nice for a sultry look, for those who don't like smokey looks, would find the staying power minimal.  This is swivel up type of eyeliner so there is no need for a sharper. When I was washing the eyeliner out with my trusty Innisfree Apple Juicy Oil Cleanser, the pencil side easily rubbed off but no matter how hard I tried to scrub off the felt tipped eyeliner, it only faded. I had to resort to scratching to get it completely off. If it was that difficult to get off my hand, it would be a nightmare to get off my eye. The choice is difficult when choosing between a good staying power or an easily washable eyeliner.

a black mascara called volume vixen

The mascara included is a mini version of the Volume Vixen Mascara. The mascara is supposed to provide you with volume, separation, strength and length. It's a nourishing mascara that contains keratin to keep your lashes strong. This is the first time I've heard of a keratin infused mascara but it does make sense since we've been using keratin in shampoo for awhile now. I haven't tried the mascara yet, so don't know how it works but will update when I do try it out.

keratin infused paddle shaped black mascara

The mascara wand is like your normal comb wands however it's shaped like a paddle and not round like other mascara. It's flat and wide in one angle and thinner at another angle. I'm actually quite excited to try this because, for some reason, when I look at this wand, it looks like it will fatten up my lashes.

pur lip gloss stick

I have tried a Pur Cosmetic's gloss stick before and loved it. It was a bright orange shade and I surprisingly was in love with it. However, I find that I had to constantly sharpen it, and it loses lots of product in the process. I guess Pur Cosmetics has since upgraded their Lip Gloss Sticks and this one swivels up without the hassle of sharpening.

a nude lip color inspired by shailene woodley from the divergent series

When I first saw the lips on Shailene, I didn't think the Berry Pretty Lip Gloss Stick would create that nude pinky color. However after swatching it, the color was not the purply berry color I was expecting. Instead, it's a sheer rosy pink color that lifts your lip color just enough so that you won't look dead. I find the color a tiny bit too sheer and the shine it gives off fades very quickly-within 20 minutes. So if you're a person that loves long lasting shine and more color, you won't like this lip color stick.

swatch of berry pretty which is a rosy pink lip gloss stick

I'm actually disappointed at how sheer this lip gloss stick is because the previous lip gloss stick that I own from Pur cosmetics is slightly more pigmented. I tried to layer it more but it wouldn't get darker than the color I swatched above. However I'm glad that the shade came out to a nice rosy pink shade instead of a darker berry one that I was expecting given the name.

All in all I am very happy with this purchase. I received 3 full-sized items and 1 mini mascara for under ~$32. I bought this set when it first came out and got an extra 20% discount. This set retails for $39 and I still don't understand why it's cheaper than the cost of one Air Perfection CC Cushion at $43.

four products in a limited edition box for pur cosmetics

The Freedom Collection is still available online at purminerals site for $39 and I definitely think it's worth it. The Freedom Collection is a limited edition box filled with items that were inspired by the film " TheDivergent Series" but the items in this collection are not so they are available for purchase separately even when the limited edition box are all sold out.

What's your favorite item in this Freedom Collection? Do you think the colors match with the makeup used in the film?

Thanks for reading,

The items reviewed were all payed for myself. All opinions were my own. I did not receive any compensation or discount to write this review.

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