Monday, April 25, 2016

Vote For Victoria Secret and Get A Forever Sexy Rollerball

The Fragrance Foundation is currently conducting their 2016 Consumer Choice Award. It was announced at certain VS stores that if you vote for VS and show the last confirmation page at the cash register, you would get a free Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy Eau De Parfum Rollerball. The rollerball is worth $18.

I don't know when this deal lasts and if all stores are participating in this giveaway.

My experience to getting the free rollerball wasn't a smooth one, unlike the previous event where they gave out free gifts and all associates were very easy going.

I went to my local VS store and they didn't have a sign saying they are participating. I went in anyways and asked the first sales associate that I saw about it and he asked if I had voted. I was happy that they knew about the promotion and are participating so I voted on my smartphone and showed the last screen to the cash register associate. He looked puzzled so I told him I would get a free rollerball if I showed them the screen. That person had no idea about the giveaway and directed me to ask the person at the front. I went back to the front of the store and told the man that I showed the screen to the cash register but they told me to ask for you. He told me yes you do get a free Forever Sexy rollerball. I stood there a little bit puzzled because I know about the giveaway, he knew about the giveaway but the cash register associates didn't know about the giveaway. Do I grab a full-sized rollerball or are there sample sizes behind the cash register? I didn't want to go back there and tell the associate that I was getting the rollerball for free and then have him doubt me and then call up the man for verification. He knew that I was confused and speed-walked to the back of the store, grabbed the rollerball, slammed the package down on the table and then instructed his staffs to give it to me for free. He was clearly annoyed that I made him walk to the back of the store. I'm sorry I made him do more work but he has to at least call into his headpiece and let his associates know what to do.

Anyways I got a free rollerball in exchange for voting for VS's Forever Sexy as Women's Popular Fragrance.

Here's the step by step tutorial for voting:

Go to and click on the "Vote Now" button

Enter your email and zip code. Then click on the "required" box. (you have to be at least 13 and older to vote) If you don't want to receive future emails from the site then uncheck the last box. Click on the "Submit" button.

Click on the picture to vote for whichever men's fragrance you want.

The screen will turn dark. Click on the "Next" button.

Vote for a women's fragrance and then click "next".

On the last page, Vote for Victoria's Secret's Forever Sexy Fragrance. Then click "Next".

That's the end. Do not close your browser because you can only vote once. Grab the VS Forever Sexy Rollerball, head to the cash register and show them the screen below. If they look puzzled tell them you saw the offer online and get a free rollerball when you vote for VS as Women's Most Popular Fragrance.

Again, I don't know if they are doing this promotion at all stores but it worked for me at my store.

So technically, they won't know if you voted for VS's Forever Sexy or Ariana Grande's Ari and you can technically vote for Ariana Grande's Ari, show them the last screen and still get a free rollerball.

But don't be a douchebag, since they are giving away their perfume in exchange for a vote, do vote for VS.

I did wonder if this was illegal since technically we are being bribed to vote for VS and the data are being skewed toward VS since they are giving away the perfume for free.

While I was completing the survey, I was wondering which perfume VS was going against. At the last page, when I saw VS was going head to head with Ariana Grande's perfume, I paused for a second because I actually liked Ari. I absolutely loved the cute design and pretty packaging. I went to ULTA to try on the perfume and loved it. However, while pointing the nozzle down towards my wrist, the pompom would fall toward the nozzle due to gravity and block the nozzle. I had to raise my wrist so I could aim up so that pompom wouldn't be in the way. I love the packaging but it's also the packaging that made me not want to purchase the perfume.

I had never heard of VS's Forever Sexy before and I also didn't like the design on the bottle. If VS hadn't done this promotion, I would have voted for Ariana Grande's perfume.

victoria secret forever sexy rollerball perfume

I went home with my new goodie and couldn't wait to try out the rollerball. It's sweet but the overall scent is mellow. On the packaging it lists the scents: Belladonna Orange, Solar Gardenia and Golden Amber. I do not smell the orange at all. I wonder if it's me because the reviews I read on this perfume all say it does smell like citrus. To me it smells like a bit of vanilla, a bit of white florals with a more predominant amber base. Honestly, ever since I tried it out, I couldn't stop putting it on. But this could be because it doesn't last long.

I am one of those that are very sensitive to strong perfume and I usually don't like those scented vials in cars since I find it way to strong. This was low key and smelled good. With most perfume, once you spray it on, there is this gigantic alcohol smell and you have to wait for the scent to dissipate before smelling it. For VS's Forever Sexy, I find that it smells the best right after putting it on. As times goes on, the scent continues to evaporate and later all I could smell is the musky amber base.

The bad thing about this perfume is that it doesn't last long. I think my Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea scent spray lasts longer than it. It's definitely all gone within 2 hours. Even within 10 minutes, I have to get really close to my wrist to be able to sense that the smell is there.

I've never owned a rollerball before. All of my perfume, even the ones I put in my purse, were all sprays. I thought I preferred sprays over rollerball. However after using this rollerball, I realized that a rollerball is the perfect perfume application for the skin. I have alway heard that you should not rub your wrists together after spraying on perfume because it breaks up the molecules but when you're rolling on the perfume, doesn't that press on the perfume also?

It's a good perfume for those who don't want a gaudy perfume and would prefer light scents or if you have a boyfriend or coworker that doesn't like scents but you love to apply perfume.

 Overall, I definitely think VS's Forever Sexy is a nice scent and it deserved my vote.

What was your experience when you went into VS to get your free rollerball? Do you like Victoria Secret's Forever Sexy perfume?